Friday, July 20, 2018

so i did a thing [HINT: I'M MOVING]

my name is elissa and I've been blogging at letters to jayna for the past while. 

I've been blogging at letters to jayna for a long time. And I feel really connected to it because it's grown up with me- we went through middle school together *shudders*. 
I love you, the readers, who I so consider friends. 
I love the honesty.
 I love that it contains so much of my story. 

But I think it's time for a change. 

 For a while, I've wanted something a little more grown-up and focused. And as I move into this new phase of life called adulthood 
*tears* *excitement* *confusion*
 it seems like a good time to launch Dancing in the Rain

Dancing in the Rain's mission is this: 

To spark hope, destroy lies and overcome darkness so that we might engage in encouraging, raw, and authentic community full of light.

I really believe in that mission, and I'm excited to see what God's going to do with this new community. So please, head on over to Dancing in the Rain, follow, and leave me a comment to say hello! 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

updates, a review, and I'M AlIVE

hello friends!

It's me!! 
Your long lost blogger friend! 

today, I want to take a moment to let you know a few things:

*everyone gasps because we never thought this day would come*
it did come!!!

In the fall, I'm headed to four-year university to study dance performance and exercise science.
I'm also moving pretty much across the country to a state where I know 1 person.
*prayers deeply appreciated*

Joanny writes over at Love Qualified and she is seriously amazing.
She so graciously allowed me to pre-read her 30-day devotional, and it is SO GOOD!
A few of my thoughts about it:

"Taking vulnerable poetry, scripture biased insights, and daily meditations, White's devotional is the perfect balance for anyone looking to discover God's love to them. Biased off her own personal discovery, White writes with grace about topics such as the charter of God, our identity, and the days when we just don't feel loved. If you're looking for a devotional to grow your understanding of God's love toward you, you've stumbled upon the right book!"

So please do me a favor my heading over to Joanny's blog and show her some love! Releasing a book is such a huge, personal experience, that needs celebrating!! 

thanks for sticking around- I'm so very thankful for this community!
q: what's your favorite devotional? 

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

end-of-school-year Broadway/ Disney Playlist

So the end of the school year is almost here and I haven't worn make up or real pants in over a week.
things are getting rough.

SO I THOUGHT I'D BLESS YOU FELLOW SOULS with some great music for your finals.
You're welcome ... ;)

How Far I'll Go Moana
You're Welcome Moana
I want the Good Times Back- Broadway Cast Recording The Little Mermaid
We know the Way- Finale Moana
Part of Your Word The Little Mermaid
If Only (Quartet)- Broadway Cast Recording The Little Mermaid
Poor Unfortunate Souls- Broadway Cast Recording The Little Mermaid
Sweet Child- Broadway Cast Recording The Little Mermaid
She's in Love- Broadway Cast Recording The Little Mermaid
Blow, Gabriel, Blow Anything Goes
Anything Goes Anything Goes
Let's Face the Music and Dance Sing 
The Gospel Truth II Hercules
Go The Distance Hercules
I Won't Say (I'm in Love) Hercules
Overture/And All that Jazz Chicago 
Razzle Dazzle Chicago
Overture Phantom of the Opera
All I Ask of You Phantom of the Opera
Think of Me Phantom of the Opera
Gonna Take You There The Princess and the Frog
Dig a Little Deeper The Princess and the Frog
It's the Hard-Knock Life Annie
Little Girls Annie
You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile Annie
The Bells Of Notre Dame The Hunchback of Notre Dame
God Help the Outcasts The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Edleweiss The Sound of Music
Do-Re-Mi The Sound of Music
Singin' in the Rain Singin' in the Rain
Good Morning Singin' in the Rain
Moses Supposes Singin' in the Rain
Be Our Guest Beauty and the Beast
If I Can't Love Her Beauty and the Beast
Human Agian Beauty and the Beast
A Whole New World Aladdin
One Jump Ahead Aladdin
Reflection Mulan

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 yourself

Love your neighbor as yourself

Love your neighbor as yourself 

Love your neighbor as yourself.

what stands out as you read these words?
what are you first thoughts?

I hear a command- 
a beautiful, life changing command to love my neighbor. 
and I've heard it all my life. 

Loving my neighbor has been so beautifully demonstrated to me.

My parents met in ministry. They are some of the most selfless people I've ever known.
I'm surrounded by such loving, gracious, kind and generous friends.
Our church is so good at being intentional in how we show love to those around us.

I think I'm pretty okay at loving my neighbors.
I love to love other people.

what about the second part?
what about me?

> When faced with the opportunity to express disappointment in our fallen world, 9 out of 10 times I'm going to take it out on my self.


Why is the church so focused on loving our neighbors, yet self-love is 'selfish' and 'prideful'?

Why is it okay to speak to yourself in ways you would never dream of saying to others?

Why are we so quick to forget that in order to love our neighbors, we have to be fully saturated in God's love for us? 

TODAY: find God's love for you.
               soak it up.
               and then love those around you. 

Monday, April 2, 2018

feeling in a buzzing world

my phone buzzes.

i read the first sentence.

my eyes sting.

i swallow.

i set it down,

and continue doing whatever I was doing.

i swallow again.

"this is so silly elissa"

"you're being a baby, get over it"

"it's not a big deal"


i'm trying to learn that if it brings a lump to my throat or tears to my eyes,
it's worth accepting that whatever happened is hard.

even if it wouldn't be a big deal to someone else.
no matter how stupid it is.

being sensitive is beautiful yet also difficult.
and i guess the second part is just as valid.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

storms don't dictate stories

I was driving all over in the rain today, my gortex pulled tight and seat warmer cranked. 
Mm, love that seat warmer. 


I was thinking a lot  while driving all over kingdom-come in the rain. 
Thinking about stuff. 
Thinking about how today was going pretty well. 
My heart was peaceful. 

But tonight during dance there was thunder and lightning.
The rain didn't let up all day. 
And it felt strange being so peaceful in the midst of a storm.

I look around me and realize I let the storm of life dictate my emotions-
I let them dictate my joy. 

Why have I given all that power away?
And how do I get it back? 

Friday, March 16, 2018

friday favorites: internet edition

Feels like the internet/world is going a little crazy these days.
SO I just wanted to take a quick moment to share some awesome stuff on the internet!


Jon Jorgenson uses spoken word to share some thoughts on youth within the church. 
I love the poetic nature of his words and I love how he presents his message. 

I've been supper into TED Talks lately. 
Loyd Pendleton shares how he went from skeptic to believer in the Housing First approach to homelessness -- providing the displaced with short-term assistance to find permanent housing quickly and without conditions -- and how it led to a 91 percent reduction in chronic homelessness over a ten-year period in Utah. 
I'm very interested in homelessness and this shared insight that made me think. 

Practicing listening. Really really really listening. 

Found this on Pinterest. Not gonna lie, was probably procrastinating because everyone knows that's what Pinterest is for. 
anyways, this spoke such truth into my current struggles of learning to walk in blind faith. 
I kinda love it. 

People react to being called beautiful. All. the. feels. 

My friend Vanessa is kinda amazing. Not only does she post regularly (which we all know is a real struggle) her words are so beautiful. And this particular post I've read like 5 times. 

this post brought me to tears because my goodness. 
the photography is beautiful.
the words are deep and rich and full of grace.

guys JULIA POSTED HER BEDROOM TOUR and it's seriously the most perfect thing I've ever seen. It's like if Pinterest and a Jesus-loving-hippie had a child. 

my friend Elizabeth writes lots of awesome things but this one struck a chord. 



"You may be nervous about the road ahead, that even though you know that you’re healing and taking the correct steps for your health, it may affect your future as a dancer. The shape of your body does not in any way define your talent and your capability. Embrace your health, embrace your life and embrace the fact that dance is still going to be an integral, and such a rewarding part of it. Never let the shape of your body dictate the activities that you participate in, and them communities you become a part of." 

^This is a quote I read somewhere and saved on my phone and for the life of me I cannot remember where I found it. BUT I really really like it.

The Dance Warm-up You *should* Be Getting

I follow a bunch of dance-related magazines on Facebook, and this was definitely a standout article. I'm always changing my pre-class/rehearsal warm-up so I really liked these suggestions.

Kirsten is one of my absolute favorite people on the internet.
She makes awesome dance, health and wellness videos and is just the sweetest person.

So Yeah. 
What are your current internet favorites?
Tell me in the comments or a post of your own! 
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