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Sunday, August 16, 2015


Today, I arise with a grateful heart.
The sound of rain reminds me of the storms I have been pulled out of.

I choose to give thanks, and rejoice in this day.
I choose to look for God's gifts to me.

I will remind myself of the never failing love I have received,
and do my best to dispense it to those around me.

Today is a gift.
You have filled my lungs with life.
You beckoned me from dark, to light.

And I choose to give thanks.

Warm nights gazing at the stars.
Good friends filling the kitchen with laughter.
Snuggles from a sleeping 4 year old.

   Your heart fills me.
       Your love surrounds me.

Who am I?

Who am I God, to receive these gifts?

I will worship you today.

I will surrender my schedules, my agenda, my goals.
  I trust that your plans are better then my

You will give me joy, when I align myself with your character.
You will give me strength when I cry out to you.
You will answer my unspoken needs.

Today, I will find you in the little things.
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