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Thursday, July 14, 2016


The chair massages my back,
while the skin on my feet is saturated with lotion.
I ask the pedicurist to stop right before she removes my callouses, as they prevent many painful blisters from my pointe shoes.

She replies, "You no boyfriend?"

"No, no boyfriend."

i tag


thanks for the tag Vanessa! (go check her out!)

Sunday, March 13, 2016

list of happy tag

///List of HAppy///
words// joy, adagio, any thing in french, poppy, dark chocolate mocha, bumfuzzle, fobbed

movies & tv// the office, grey's anatomy, roman holiday, white collar, the blind side, sherlock

scents// hot taco soup, fancy perfume, hairspray, breakfast foods, steamy espresso, freshly printed paper, shampooed hair, clean car smell. 

songs// anything Bach or Vivaldi (with no harpsichord), 7 Years, Say Something (Postmodern Jukebox version), exes and ohs, Fight Song, Adele's entire new album, and Colors

books// to kill a mockingbird, footnotes, life in motion, the Narnia series, if i stay,

random// writing quotes in fancy handwriting, gifts, snail mail, movement, holding babies, shower at the end of the day, mascara, new pointe shoes, new clothes

tags// HannahAshley, Hannah, GraceLeah

mentions// thanks for the lovley Kate @ the goodness revolt for the tag. She is seriously the best and I want to be her. Soooo yeah. Ya'll go check her blog out. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Infinity Dreams Tag//Random things about me

Grace from Totally Graced (yeah, go check her blog out!) was so kind and tagged me for the Infinity Dreams Tag. She was cruel and unusual with her questions, but being the kind soul I am, I will persevere. Here we go!

Discribe your best friend in one sentence
  - A stunningly beautiful girl who is really me in a different body.

How do you like to wear your hair? 
  - I have four hairstyles: up, down, ballet bun, and homeless. My hair is so weird (my sisters say it's hormonal because  you can never predict what it's going to do. It might be really curly. Maybe wavy, maybe fluffy and straight(ish). You never know) Usually I pull in back because it takes less work and it's going to get sweaty in a bun later.

What song lyrics describe your life? 
  - Gosh, this is a hard one! So many good songs I've been listening to. I don't know if this counts, but I really have been loving Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin. I'm not a big fan of Chris Tomlin, and his songs are soooooo overplayed, but this one... I don't know. I've just been meditating on it.

Worst book you've ever read? 
  - Oh without a doubt the "Trojan War". It. Was. Terrible.

How do you want to spend the rest of your life? 
  - (Grace, how am I going to narrow this down?????)  I want to spend my life loving people deeply and personally. Loving Jesus with everything I am. I want to stay focused on what is true. I want to spend the rest of my life using every gift, every idea, every passion for the God of the universe. I want to be vulnerable in my failure and hurt. I want to spend the rest of my life dancing, raising children, and pushing myself past every limit. I want to look back and know that I have been used to my fullest extent.

Best class you have ever taken?
  - I'm liking chemistry even though it is totally trying to kick my butt. I liked the human anatomy part of biology. I like my English class. I don't think I can really pick one!

Who has most impacted your life? 
  -Oh goodness, another hard one. Really, all my dance teachers have impacted me so greatly. They have pushed me and guided me. They have taught me big and important life lessons, and helped me discover joy in my body. My closest friends have impacted me deeply. They have walked me through dark times, and been listening ears with wise advice. My older sister has been my partner in crime (well, really the brain of the crime...) she has impacted me in more ways then I could ever imagine. But if I really had to pick, it would be my parents. They have taught me to learn, to persevere, to be the first to apologize. They have taught me about being a good friend, a good student, and a leader. Mainly, they have impacted me by example.
Whew. That got long and rambley. (and yes, I know you just skimmed that)

What inspired you to start a blog? 
   - Beginning in middle school, I have loved reading blogs. I like the format, the different writing styles, the content. When Jayna moved, I begged her to blog with me. And that is how Letters to Jayna was born.

Can you cook? What is your favorite recipe? 
   - I pretend I can cook. I can follow recipes, but not cook cook. And oh gosh, I have a lot. I just made white chicken chili which was really good. I also have good recipes for homemade granola bars and french silk chocolate pie.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
   - This is so cliche, but I want to live in New York at some point. Not forever, but for a while:) I mainly want to travel a lot!

What is your favorite movie quote? 
   - I have lots, but this was the first that came to mind

I now nominate:
Joanny @ Joanny White
Here are your questions:
  1. White, milk, or dark chocolate? (and there is definitely a wrong answer here)
  2. What are you reading right now?
  3. How do you de-stress? 
  4. What is something small that brings you joy?
  5. What drew you to blogging? 
  6. What are you favorite kinds of blog posts to read? 
  7. Do you still shave your legs in the winter? (I'm actually really cirrus about this one...)
  8. What song(s) are you currently obsessed with? 
  9. What is a quote that perfectly describes your life at the moment?
  10. What is one thing that makes you you? 
Have fun!

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