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Monday, May 5, 2014

The stuff that will survive spring cleaning

Dear Jayna,

Spring has sprung.
       "Well thank you for telling me that. It's only MAY."

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. But yesterday was the first, like warm day around here, so it has been weighing on my mind. Not spring. No, the fact that winter doesn't last forever. Which is a risky thought here in Washington.

   So because it hit 70, were all running for our shorts, ice cream, and lemonade. (While blinding every one with our white legs) And the shorts and tank-tops come out. Which brings me to the point; this is an exceptionally busy time for me.

  So instead of rambling on about how busy I am, and how sorry I am for not posting supper often I thought I could share with you a few of my favorite items. Yeah, that's right. I am about to show you pictures of my stuff. :-) Well these items do get some credit, because they are being used HEAVILY.                            

These shoes. Are. Amazing. First off, they are very comfortable. Second of all, I love them because I can wear them with jeans, capris, and shorts!! Maybe this isn't supper practical for you in Hawaii, but having good walking shoes to wear with pretty much anything is amazingful.
Next on the list:

 This is my new favorite nail polish. Which doesn't tell you much. Okay, let me restate that; this is one of the greatest colors of nail polish ever to be invented.  I understand everyone has different nail polish color choices, but seriously?!? How can you resist ballerina pink? It is classy to it's core.

 Speaking of nail polish, this sparkly gold is what I have on top of the pink right now. On my toes. I thought I about putting a picture, but then I reminded myself, "Who am I kidding?" Because I have the ugliest ballerina toes at the moment. Blisters and all. So, yeah. You can thank me for not scaring you for life.

This owl bag pretty much saves my life every day. I can pack SO MANY different things into it PLUS stay organized. I have another one with polka dots. I would highly recommend these! In the morning, I pack different sets of stuff in each bag. Example: youth group clothes in one, ballet tights and leotard in another. I understand this isn't very practical if your coming home between activities, but it is SUPPER helpful for days on the go. :-)

  These mints. Are worth buying. I am not a huge green tea fan, but I don't mind it. But these have the perfect balance of mint, green tea and a calming sweetness to them. You might not like them if you don't really like green tea; but for someone who does, you will love them!


     I love this mask even though it has nothing to do with must have's for spring. I could live without it. We are wearing them for our jazz dance, and I just currently love this mask. So yeah.

Last but defiantly not least, this card is taped to my mirror. And it makes my day. Pretty much every day. ;-)
So what about you? What stuff are you thankful for this spring?

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