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Sunday, April 3, 2016

March Favorites

March: endless shows and school sums up March for me. Here are my favorites form the month!

movie// I would say my absolute favorite movie this month would be The Italian Job. It's one of those classic sleepover flicks that contains all the elements of a good story. It goes well with ice cream.

book// One of my school books was Prince Caspian, and it was so fun to re-read! I originally read it a long time ago with my older sister and I have always related to Lucy in all the Narnia books. However, this time around I found myself gravitating towards Susan more. Her struggles with fear and finding herself resonated with me:-)

writing// I did quite a bit of writing in March. We have a big editorial competition where I take classes, so I was busy working on that. I also spent quite a bit of time working on narrative writing, which was interesting. All the pieces I did for my English class in March where pretty heavy and deep, so it's been difficult getting out of that head space.

face// March has not been kind to my face. I've had two (two!!!) pimples right underneath my eyebrow. It is the most awkward place/thing ever. My favorite product would have to be my EOS lip balm because my lips have been so dry. Basic, I know.

makeup// I've started using the L'Oreal Voluminous mascara in carbon black, and I really like it so far! I'm am a total mascara junkie, and I have high expectations for my eyelashes. So far, so good.

clothes// I've been having trouble transitioning into a more 'springy' look this year- I'm not ready to let all of my boots and sweaters go! My most worn item for March is definitely my black skinny jeans. I wear them alll the time.

 blog// It's been fun discovering lots of new blogs this month. It's really hard to pick one favorite, but I would have to say Kate who blogs at the goodness revolt has stood out to me. Her writing is so beautiful (like seriously, go check out this post right now) and I love the verity in what she writes.

post// Gahh, again this is so hard because I've read so much good stuff! Buuuutttt, this post (rich dirt) by Cally who writes at Words Passing You By is amazing. You need to go follow her right now.


 Okay readers, I need some help! I know a lot of you are avid readers who read, read, read and I am so not. Although I enjoy reading, I'm so busy and at the end of the day I just collapse. However, I need some new material, so leave your recommendations in the comments!

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