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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

end-of-school-year Broadway/ Disney Playlist

So the end of the school year is almost here and I haven't worn make up or real pants in over a week.
things are getting rough.

SO I THOUGHT I'D BLESS YOU FELLOW SOULS with some great music for your finals.
You're welcome ... ;)

How Far I'll Go Moana
You're Welcome Moana
I want the Good Times Back- Broadway Cast Recording The Little Mermaid
We know the Way- Finale Moana
Part of Your Word The Little Mermaid
If Only (Quartet)- Broadway Cast Recording The Little Mermaid
Poor Unfortunate Souls- Broadway Cast Recording The Little Mermaid
Sweet Child- Broadway Cast Recording The Little Mermaid
She's in Love- Broadway Cast Recording The Little Mermaid
Blow, Gabriel, Blow Anything Goes
Anything Goes Anything Goes
Let's Face the Music and Dance Sing 
The Gospel Truth II Hercules
Go The Distance Hercules
I Won't Say (I'm in Love) Hercules
Overture/And All that Jazz Chicago 
Razzle Dazzle Chicago
Overture Phantom of the Opera
All I Ask of You Phantom of the Opera
Think of Me Phantom of the Opera
Gonna Take You There The Princess and the Frog
Dig a Little Deeper The Princess and the Frog
It's the Hard-Knock Life Annie
Little Girls Annie
You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile Annie
The Bells Of Notre Dame The Hunchback of Notre Dame
God Help the Outcasts The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Edleweiss The Sound of Music
Do-Re-Mi The Sound of Music
Singin' in the Rain Singin' in the Rain
Good Morning Singin' in the Rain
Moses Supposes Singin' in the Rain
Be Our Guest Beauty and the Beast
If I Can't Love Her Beauty and the Beast
Human Agian Beauty and the Beast
A Whole New World Aladdin
One Jump Ahead Aladdin
Reflection Mulan

Friday, March 16, 2018

friday favorites: internet edition

Feels like the internet/world is going a little crazy these days.
SO I just wanted to take a quick moment to share some awesome stuff on the internet!


Jon Jorgenson uses spoken word to share some thoughts on youth within the church. 
I love the poetic nature of his words and I love how he presents his message. 

I've been supper into TED Talks lately. 
Loyd Pendleton shares how he went from skeptic to believer in the Housing First approach to homelessness -- providing the displaced with short-term assistance to find permanent housing quickly and without conditions -- and how it led to a 91 percent reduction in chronic homelessness over a ten-year period in Utah. 
I'm very interested in homelessness and this shared insight that made me think. 

Practicing listening. Really really really listening. 

Found this on Pinterest. Not gonna lie, was probably procrastinating because everyone knows that's what Pinterest is for. 
anyways, this spoke such truth into my current struggles of learning to walk in blind faith. 
I kinda love it. 

People react to being called beautiful. All. the. feels. 

My friend Vanessa is kinda amazing. Not only does she post regularly (which we all know is a real struggle) her words are so beautiful. And this particular post I've read like 5 times. 

this post brought me to tears because my goodness. 
the photography is beautiful.
the words are deep and rich and full of grace.

guys JULIA POSTED HER BEDROOM TOUR and it's seriously the most perfect thing I've ever seen. It's like if Pinterest and a Jesus-loving-hippie had a child. 

my friend Elizabeth writes lots of awesome things but this one struck a chord. 



"You may be nervous about the road ahead, that even though you know that you’re healing and taking the correct steps for your health, it may affect your future as a dancer. The shape of your body does not in any way define your talent and your capability. Embrace your health, embrace your life and embrace the fact that dance is still going to be an integral, and such a rewarding part of it. Never let the shape of your body dictate the activities that you participate in, and them communities you become a part of." 

^This is a quote I read somewhere and saved on my phone and for the life of me I cannot remember where I found it. BUT I really really like it.

The Dance Warm-up You *should* Be Getting

I follow a bunch of dance-related magazines on Facebook, and this was definitely a standout article. I'm always changing my pre-class/rehearsal warm-up so I really liked these suggestions.

Kirsten is one of my absolute favorite people on the internet.
She makes awesome dance, health and wellness videos and is just the sweetest person.

So Yeah. 
What are your current internet favorites?
Tell me in the comments or a post of your own! 

Friday, January 5, 2018

fly bird fly

I watched some birds today.

Clusters of black against the grey-blue sky.

There were two flocks, relatively far apart: one in a line, the others in a messy V.  

Gliding, chasing, flapping they raced and enjoyed the air 

Then I saw three break away from the V, flapping as hard as they could that they might join the others in a line. 

The wind was blowing blowing blowing and they were flapping flapping flapping, stuck in a current. 

I watched these three birds flap their birdie behinds off. 

Yet they were stuck in the in between. 

I kept waiting for them to turn back to their old flock. 

I watched thinking they would slow down to realize their old flock was still closer then the other birds.

But they didn't. 

The three little birds flap flap flapped. 

They didn't look back, losing their aerodynamics. 

They just kept fighting. 

I watched them fly for a long while before they finally made it to the new flock. 

I found a strange connection to the birds flying high. 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

32 thoughts

  1. I love sweatpants
  2. why cant we wear sweatpants with nice shirts everyday
  3. fashion 
  4. so stupid
  5. and now I'm breaking out
  6. wow
  7. there is actually a mountain on my forehead
  8. more like a range
  9. oh look, there's two on my cheek too
  10. wow
  11. am I stressed or pms-ing? 
  12. both
  13. definitely both
  14. did I mention I love sweatpants?
  15. mmmm coffee
  16. gotta love coffee
  17. I wonder about the tea drinkers of the world 
  18. interesting people
  19. I wonder what that's like
  20. well at least Im not addicted 
  21. I don't even drink it every day
  22. good job me
  23. wait, I have school to do
  24. school
  25. math
  26. MATH
  27. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  28. I'm so confused 
  30. ohmygoodness I need to find a collage 
  31. why is looking for a collage so hard
  32. ahhh, love my sweatpants though

Monday, January 23, 2017

15 resons you're worth it

  1. because you have talent
  2. you hold power
  3. because you give
  4. you are beautiful
  5. you are unique
  6. you are loved
  7. your light shines from within
  8. you have joy
  9. you contain forgiveness
  10. because you make people laugh
  11. you have admirers
  12. you are smart
  13. you are loved
  14. you are so so special
  15. you're worth it. so very worth it.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

err, do y'all have questions//potential vlog

you guys, I think I'm going to make a vlog Q&A.
I know.
*everyone collectively rolls their eyes because the bandwagon has already left the station*
^^I'm not really sure what the "bandwagon has left the station" means but it sounds right so......

So if you've ever wanted to ask me why I talk a lot or if I sleep with socks on or off, now is your golden opportunity! Seriously, leave questions in the comments below.

Also, if you wanna watch some awesome bloggers vlogs check out:

Olivia from summer of 1999: 
Abbie for Abbiee:
Vanessa from Simply Me:
Grace from Totally Graced:

happy sunday!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

summer bucket list

see a movie
have a picnic
make ice cream
hike once a week
journal at the ocean
have a book reading day
have a bonfire
have a game night
meet friends for lunch
get a pedicure (finally!!!) 
visit grandma for a weekend
make a pinterest dinner
go to the lake
take a bike ride
have a photo shoot
have morning quiet time
take a day trip to the islands

Monday, June 20, 2016

inside my planner

I love looking at how other people stay sane. Mainly, I love admiring organization.
I loveeeee lists.
I lovvveee organization.
And I loveeee my planner,
Well, the feeling I get from using my planner. The planner itself is kinda meh, although I've grown to love it.

 This is the outside. It's a flexible plastic, which is great because it's very durable and easy to wipe stuff of off. Not that I ever spill anything or anything...
I drew on it with a gold paint pen, to jazz up the black cover. I sorta wish I drew something more interesting, but I also like the simplicity of it.

The inside is the neat version of my life. It looks full and clean and organized. And my life is full and crazy and complicated. Yet this planner is so helpful.
It's the other half of my brain most days.

I write quotes on the top of each week, and use them like a weekly moto. I also keep a little tab on my current week so I can flip to it easily.
I write my classes and anything else going on, but I don't use it for assignments. (I keep those on separate assignment sheets in the subject notebook/folder)
The planner has a month-at-a-glance feature that I try to use for blogging, but I'm not always full of inspiration at the beginning of the month soooooooo.

And that's about it! Let me know how/if you use a planner in the comments below!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Infinity Dreams Tag//Random things about me

Grace from Totally Graced (yeah, go check her blog out!) was so kind and tagged me for the Infinity Dreams Tag. She was cruel and unusual with her questions, but being the kind soul I am, I will persevere. Here we go!

Discribe your best friend in one sentence
  - A stunningly beautiful girl who is really me in a different body.

How do you like to wear your hair? 
  - I have four hairstyles: up, down, ballet bun, and homeless. My hair is so weird (my sisters say it's hormonal because  you can never predict what it's going to do. It might be really curly. Maybe wavy, maybe fluffy and straight(ish). You never know) Usually I pull in back because it takes less work and it's going to get sweaty in a bun later.

What song lyrics describe your life? 
  - Gosh, this is a hard one! So many good songs I've been listening to. I don't know if this counts, but I really have been loving Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin. I'm not a big fan of Chris Tomlin, and his songs are soooooo overplayed, but this one... I don't know. I've just been meditating on it.

Worst book you've ever read? 
  - Oh without a doubt the "Trojan War". It. Was. Terrible.

How do you want to spend the rest of your life? 
  - (Grace, how am I going to narrow this down?????)  I want to spend my life loving people deeply and personally. Loving Jesus with everything I am. I want to stay focused on what is true. I want to spend the rest of my life using every gift, every idea, every passion for the God of the universe. I want to be vulnerable in my failure and hurt. I want to spend the rest of my life dancing, raising children, and pushing myself past every limit. I want to look back and know that I have been used to my fullest extent.

Best class you have ever taken?
  - I'm liking chemistry even though it is totally trying to kick my butt. I liked the human anatomy part of biology. I like my English class. I don't think I can really pick one!

Who has most impacted your life? 
  -Oh goodness, another hard one. Really, all my dance teachers have impacted me so greatly. They have pushed me and guided me. They have taught me big and important life lessons, and helped me discover joy in my body. My closest friends have impacted me deeply. They have walked me through dark times, and been listening ears with wise advice. My older sister has been my partner in crime (well, really the brain of the crime...) she has impacted me in more ways then I could ever imagine. But if I really had to pick, it would be my parents. They have taught me to learn, to persevere, to be the first to apologize. They have taught me about being a good friend, a good student, and a leader. Mainly, they have impacted me by example.
Whew. That got long and rambley. (and yes, I know you just skimmed that)

What inspired you to start a blog? 
   - Beginning in middle school, I have loved reading blogs. I like the format, the different writing styles, the content. When Jayna moved, I begged her to blog with me. And that is how Letters to Jayna was born.

Can you cook? What is your favorite recipe? 
   - I pretend I can cook. I can follow recipes, but not cook cook. And oh gosh, I have a lot. I just made white chicken chili which was really good. I also have good recipes for homemade granola bars and french silk chocolate pie.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
   - This is so cliche, but I want to live in New York at some point. Not forever, but for a while:) I mainly want to travel a lot!

What is your favorite movie quote? 
   - I have lots, but this was the first that came to mind

I now nominate:
Joanny @ Joanny White
Here are your questions:
  1. White, milk, or dark chocolate? (and there is definitely a wrong answer here)
  2. What are you reading right now?
  3. How do you de-stress? 
  4. What is something small that brings you joy?
  5. What drew you to blogging? 
  6. What are you favorite kinds of blog posts to read? 
  7. Do you still shave your legs in the winter? (I'm actually really cirrus about this one...)
  8. What song(s) are you currently obsessed with? 
  9. What is a quote that perfectly describes your life at the moment?
  10. What is one thing that makes you you? 
Have fun!

Thank you so much for visiting Letters to Jayna! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think- I reply to each and every comment. Also, please take a moment to follow me on Pinterest, Google+, Bloglovin', and Blogger. Have a great day! 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

39 thoughts

  1. uhhh, why am I so tried 
  2. oh right, I didn't really sleep last night
  3. I am always in a perpetual state of tiredness
  4. like whenever anyone asks me how I am, I'm tired 
  5. It's a little weird
  6. But coffee is good
  7. so that kinda makes up for the tiredness
  8. but.....
  9. I need to stop spending so much money on coffee
  10.  Its so bad
  11. especially now that I can drive
  12. because I can stop whenever I want
  13. and for food
  14. which is worse because I'm going to weigh 200lbs by June
  15. great
  16. Cramp
  17. wait, was that a actual cramp?!?
  18. It cant be
  20. yup, this is definitely a cramp
  21. whhhhhyyyyyyyyyy 
  22. I hate this
  23. I want to watch a movie
  24. why did I just eat all that chocolate
  25. what the heck tomorrow's valentines day I can eat what I want
  26. yeah!
  27. I'm all stiff and achy with my tired headache
  28. but hooray for yoga pants
  29. and these ones are really comfy
  30. so soft and so sleek
  31. I want more chocolate but I also want real food
  32. why must life be so hard
  33. And why do I have all this school to do
  34. and why did no one buy me tickets to my absolute favorite ballet that is going on right now 
  35. the injustice.
  36. They should make a law banning school on the weekends
  37. Because I cant remember the last time I didn't do school on a weekend
  38. that is so sad. 
  39. Sniff.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Favorites

Hello all!

  I love reading all the monthly favorite posts, Pinterest articles, and vlogs. I did a favorites post here, and because of the positive feedback, I've decided to make it a regular feature. Feel free to join me!

grey nail polish

I currently have a grey nail polish with a matte top coat, and I love it. 

e.l.f. bronzing and blush powder

I am pretty cheep when it comes to make-up, and although I love watching their YouTube channels,   I'm certainly no beauty guru. But I can say with confidence that I love this blush and bronzer compact. It is $3 at Target (!!!) and is perfect to add some depth to your face in order to avoid the white, pale, winter look. 


I've had finals, semester deadlines, and a giant science fair all month (hence a lack of posts) and coffee has been my friend when school was not. 

christmas lights

(no, this adorable room is not mine. Sadness, I know...) Stringing up Christmas lights in my room was a wonderful idea. I've always loved the look and I was so happy with the result after finally getting around to it. It is perfect for some quiet time at night, and it creates a warm and cozy environment that helps fight winter blues. 

That's the rundown on my January Favorites; what about yours? 

Thanks for dropping by Letters to Jayna! Please take a moment to leave a comment and let me know what your January Favorites! Also, feel free to leave a comment and follow me on Bloglovin', Pinterest, and Google+. I'm glad you're here! 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Awkward and awesome: round two

Awesome: Christmas was lovely and warm and cozy. And I hit my yearly jackpot because my birthday and Christmas are both in December.

Awkward: So I'm browsing the aslies of Nordstrom Rack waiting for my extremely slow parents, and I see my friend David. So I start to walk over to say hi, but being the stupid person I am, I decide to take a picture just in case it's not him. Bad idea. I'm being supper stealth (or so I thought) because suddenly he looks up and says, "Do you have a problem or something?" And I went, "Oh I am so sorry! I though you were a friend and I was trying to be funny, I'm so sorry!" The guy replies, "Just because I'm Asian doesn't mean I look like everyone else."
So. So. So. Embarrassing.

Awesome: I've got a youth retreat coming up that I'm really looking forward to. Because of my dance schedule, I've only been able to attend one youth group this year. So I'm excited to escape the craziness of life for three days.

Awkward: Currently I have three giant pimples and a few small, yet prominent, other pimples. It. Is. Terrible. Every time someone looks at me, all they see are the giant red mountains on my face. Oh yeah, and I ran out of concealer. Grrr.

And that wraps up this awkward post!

Thanks for vising Letters to Jayna! Please take a  moment to leave a comment and let me know what you think. Also, take a moment to find me on Pimterest, Bloglovin', and Google+!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What I've Been Listening To

(photo via

Today, I'm going to give you a miniature playlist of a few of my current favorite songs. These are the guys playing over and over and over on my ipod. I hope you enjoy, and maybe get some new favorites!
    Before I start though, I have to tell you something. I have weird eclectic taste in music. I have a love for pop, really good worship music, I love classical, and I will always have a soft spot in my heart for musicals. I love indie rock, and some classic rock. I am that person that doesn't care for country music. (Sorry country music fans!)

1. Beautiful Things by Gungor 

2. Thrift Shop by Postmodern Jukebox

3. Like Real People Do by Hozier

4. Holy Spirit by Francesca Battiatelli

5. Waltz of the Flowers by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Q: What have you been listening to?

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

October Favorites

I am totally into short boots, boyfriend jeans, and cozy sweaters paired with scarves. (Basically, Pinterest) I love the scarves with the sweaters because it adds a touch of class, while still staying warm and cozy.

My dance class has a Facebook group message that use to chat, communicate about schedules, ask to borrow stuff, etc. Lately, we have been sharing hilarious memes and this is my current favorite. Our new artistic director is over zealous  diligent about our attendance to classes and rehearsals, so I love this. ;-) 

White Collar is one of my all time favorite t.v. shows ever. All the seasons are on Netflix and I love it. I have held of on all the series because of those silly things called grades, but this is one that I love. I cannot say enough good things about it.

Food wise, plain greet yogurt with honey is my October favorite. I've been eating a lot of Tupperware contained meals with my busy schedule, and this is my go-to. The sweet honey has awesome health benefits, and paired with the tart greek yogurt, it is absolutely delicious. It's also good with fruit ;-)

Organ chi tea lattes are my most favorite non-caffeinated drink. I'm not sure if these are just a north west thing, or if the whole country has access to these delicious sips of bliss. It's basically a creamier, more vanilla-ie, chi tea latte with some other yummy spices. It's October in a cup!

Q: What are your favorite October items?

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

10 Rather Unusual Facts About Me

  1. I have been chased by a moose.*
  2. I died a part of my hair hot pink (temporarily!) at my very first youth event in 7th grade. I know. So rebellious. 
  3. I have a weird fetish about burping- it totally grosses me out!
  4. I was born in a ambulance on the freeway
  5. When my big sister and I were little we would fill our t-shirt up with sand from our sand box and act like we were pregnant. Surprisingly, our parents didn't find this nearly us funny as we did. 
  6. Even though I have gnarly dancer feet I wear flip-flops all the time. 
  7. I wouldn't mind marring a Australian. Just throwing that out there. 
  8. I hate hate hate gardening. Mainly, I can not stand pulling weeds. Killing my back to puck little jerks out of the ground that are going to grow back next week isn't my idea of fun. 
  9. I always feel uncomfortable when people ask me if I like my teacher. Umm, she cooked me for nine months inside of her body, changed my poopy diapers, wiped my sandy nose, has served as my short order cook, and gives me a hug every single morning. But what kind of teacher won't let you dissect a sheep heart on her kitchen table?
  10. I play the violin- and not very many people know that. So shhhh.
So now I'm curious- what are some weird facts about you? 

*I'm just going to leave this up to your imagination.

Thank you so much for visiting Letters to Jayna- I'm so glad you stopped by! If you like what you've seen, please take a moment to follow my on Google+ and Bloglovin. And don't forget to leave a comment!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

29 Thoughts I Had This Weekend

1. Horrayyyyyyy!!!!
2. I made it!
3. Cramp
4. Crap.
5. There is no way I'm going to spend the weekend cramping
6. Advil sounds like  plan
7. Heating pads are good
8. It's really cold.
9. How am I going  to think if it's cold
10. Why do they make kids do a certain number of hours doing school?
11. Technically, couldn't your parents just forge your high school diploma?
12. I wish my parents were sneaky like that
13. But then I would be really dumb
14. Dumber then I am now
15. Can you fake smart?
16. I don't think so
17. Some homeschoolers are no schoolers
18. They don't really do anything
19. Maybe I should check Facebook instead of send this important e-mail
20. I don't think it's that big of a deal
21. I just see if I have any updates
20. Wait.
21. That's her new profile picture?
22. Wowzers
23. Quite the hpmm-boob-cough picture
24. Oooooohhhhhhhh, BuzzFeed quiz
25. I wonder what type of car suits my personality the best
26. No way
27. That's not right
28. I need to take it again
29. Ohhhhhhhhhh, another quiz!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

the Wraping Up of Christmas

{my older sister Rachel and I, era 2002}

Ahh. We made it though New Year's people. I'm don't have anything against the holidays, and frankly, it's always a little sad when December is over. But this year, it was kind of like a marathon. Exhausting. Totally exhausting. 
   Party after party. The Nutcracker that I wasn't able to dance in. Exams. Getting my wisdom teeth out so my face could look great for Christmas photos. Seriously people. I look like a over weight chipmunk in 97% of the pictures. And then, the never ending list of gifts to buy. Okay, question: what do you do when a loose friend gets you some nice gift? And you are like, totally unprepared, much less have a gift for them. Awkward. 

    But because my birthday is also in December, it is kind of the gift jackpot for me.
I got this sweater-

  My mom was on a fuzzy kick this year, which is great because fuzzy usually equals warm. And it has been feeling like the Arctic tundra lately. 

And you thought I was lying about the cheeks. 

So yeah. Now it's on the science fair panic and 25 page reports. The microscope has become part of  my room decor. And rubber gloves. Classy, I know.

    There you go friends- my after Christmas ramblings:-)
What about you? How was your December?


Monday, December 15, 2014

I can do it! (I hope...)

Oh my. Blaahhhhh!! Let me explain to you why my blogging has disappeared- biology exams, puking, Christmas shopping, dance. Plus, yours truly is getting her wisdom teeth out on Friday. Yup. All four of them. So I need to get all my Christmas projects done before then. Plus I really need to get my butt in gear for my science fair project.

   Any words of advice as far as wisdom teeth go?

But do not fear friends- I have lots of ideas planned for the blog, and I am so excited to get writing!

Q: What have you been up too in these past few weeks?


Saturday, December 6, 2014

takin a sick day

Well. Yesterday was when I was going to post my 52 Weeks of Ballet post, but it was my birthday, so things got a little crazy. And then, last night I was up for two/three hours throwing up. Not fun.
It seriously took me a hour in the bathroom this morning because I have no energy.

  That being said, I have absolutely no energy to take pictures and give you a make-up tutorial. Sorry guys. So I sit here in front of my computer screen, yoga pants, tea and all. Blhh.

 So yep. This is my incredibly cheerful Saturday morning post. I hope your Saturday started out better then mine!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Because we all love the dentist.....

So here I am, against my wishes, sitting in a pink room with florescent lights. The books to scare children into brushing and flossing are on my right, and the dental tools are on my left.
The dental assistant comes in to plop me back. She pulls out a pair of incredibly ugly sunglasses that don't fit at all, hands them to me and pulls the light down by my mouth.

  "Open up," she says as she clamps my mouth open with those scissor-like-things, until my jaw is about to crack.

  "So, what grade are you in school?" "unth"
"What?"  "Unth!"
"Please try to keep your tongue still."
"So, do you have any hobbies outside of school?"
"Honey, I really need you to keep your mouth still."

*Places arm over my face to get a better look inside my mouth*
"Please try to breathe through your nose, and not your mouth."
breathe through your nose Elissa. In. Out. In. Out....wait, am I breathing through my mouth or my nose? Uh-oh.
"Sweetie, try to breath through your nose, okay? Thanks."
"Aw hn eth am I uspt to uth ohh uy ose?"
"Umm. Uver ind."

"Honey, remember to not breathe through your nose."

And that's how the dentist went.

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