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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

storms don't dictate stories

I was driving all over in the rain today, my gortex pulled tight and seat warmer cranked. 
Mm, love that seat warmer. 


I was thinking a lot  while driving all over kingdom-come in the rain. 
Thinking about stuff. 
Thinking about how today was going pretty well. 
My heart was peaceful. 

But tonight during dance there was thunder and lightning.
The rain didn't let up all day. 
And it felt strange being so peaceful in the midst of a storm.

I look around me and realize I let the storm of life dictate my emotions-
I let them dictate my joy. 

Why have I given all that power away?
And how do I get it back? 

Thursday, March 9, 2017


the rain drips down
drowning out sound
filling the holes
hiding the moles
making me feel old.
old and cold and soggy and groggy.




and down
and all with out sound
my mind pounds
and thounds
waiting to drown
the confusion that keeps going round and round

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A wet, cold, and rainy baptism

   Dear Jayna,

So on Sunday, I was baptized.
In the rain.
In the cold.
In a mettle horse trough.

 And, let me tell you it wasn't perfect.
It wasn't in some beautiful lake on the island on the perfect summer day.
But it was enough. Enough for me to be crying.
And more then enough for God to do his thing, without me stepping in and telling him how 'we' could do it better.
Because that is what it is about, right?
It is a public decoration that my life is his, and he can do his thing through me. And as you know, (a little to well) that I am far from perfect. I do not wake up every morning and live my life in submission to him. I mess up, I yell at my mom, and I get jealous of other people.
But this spring, God brought me to a place in my life were I needed to change, and he is the only source of the hope that I have today.
I could tell you a whole list of things that would have made it better: but I am truly thankful.
And it would have been amazing if you were there, and I only thought about that five billion times.
But any just want you to know, that I am thinkin about you, and that I hope and pray that this post finds you all right:-)
                                         Love you - Elissa
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