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Friday, February 6, 2015

week ten: Ballet Video Link-up

Hello ladies! Today I wanted to share a few videos that contain some interesting/helpful information regarding pointe shoes. I have learned from all of them, and found them to be interesting. 

Q: What are your favorite ballet videos?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fifty Two Weeks of Ballet- Week two

  This weeks topic:  Pointe Shoe Tips & Tricks

You you know those days, where your pointe shoes are being stupid, you have 5 million blisters, and your shoes are either too big or too small? And then your whole class is spend trying not to cry or  start riping your hair out....

  Here are some of the things I have found helpful. I would love to hear what you do/use!

  • For shoes that are too small- Either your feet are swelling, it was a weird pair, or summer is coming; whatever it is, you cant waste that $80! In the fabric around the heel, separate it from the satin. You should have a layer of canvas pinched in between your fingers. Now cut the canvas in a line, leaving about 1/4 of a inch my each seam.

  • For tight arches- the most wonderful thing. A foot rubz :) Just trust me on this one.

  • For ripping toes- cut of the fabric on the ends. I sometimes darn mine if I am having trouble sitting squarely on the box. 

  • Bleeding toes? Lambs wool, ouch pouches, New Skin (liquid band aid- perfect for blisters), and oral numbing cream. If I have a blister, I put New Skin over it, and then put I corn pad (like so) over it. Works every time! The oral numbing cream can numb things that hurt!

What am I missing? Comment below: I want to hear what you do!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Interesting ballet thoughts

 Dear Jayna,                   

 First of all, I am not sure how interesting this is actually going to be. Just a warning. So in case you were wondering, my pointe shoes are on there way out. They are soft and my legs are doing a lot of work for them witch is not quite as fun.. also, I am restraining myself from buying any new dance wear with the exception of pointe shoes until my birthday. I am thinking of a gift along the lines of Wear Moi if you know what I am talking about:-) Oh, ballet fashion trend: trash bag pants. This is not so much of a trend because they are extremely ugly. But apparently they are really nice to warm up in or for staying warm.  Not much, just a quick little note!

Friday, July 5, 2013

My love/hate affair

Dear Jayna,

Now, I really am a nice person. I try not to use the you know what word all the time.
You know..........h-a-t-e.
But there are times in my life (a.k.a. the times when my pointe shoe related hormones start acting up) that my mouth starts bad mouthing my brain. Let me explain.

  I L-O-V-E pointe shoes. Love them! Grishkos, Blochs, Sanshas, Capezios, you name it I'll take it. The lines that they create is something pretty amazing. And what on earth could be more ballerina-ish then pointe shoes? And boy oh boy, don't even get me started on when you get your first pair of pointe shoes! I mean, you have seen me when I buy a new pair and get in the car with them........please do not post any embarrassing comments. What happens outside of The Dance Shop, stays outside of The Dance Shop. Anyhoo all that being said, shall we conclude? I love pointe shoes!
But sometimes they can be nothing else then a big pain in the you know what. Lets start at the beginning.

  1.  The beginning of the cycle is really the end of it: it all starts when your last pair dies, or something goes wrong making then un-danceable. This is when you approach your mother in a very, very, very, kind and understanding way. You say things like, "I hope you know how much I really love dancing" or "I know how much money, time and energy you and Dad put into my ballet training. I hope you know how thankfull I am." Next, you mention how long the pair you have has lasted. No matter how long they have lasted always talk about someone in your school who goes through them faster. And if you really blow through the shoes and have no one to talk about? Say something about how the girls in dance companies go through a couple pairs a show. This is always a good time to remind your parents that there is somthing to be thankful for. Sometimes they forget that when this little chat happens. Now is the time to drop the bomb. Remember how much your feet hurt when dancing in dead pointe shoes. Keeping this front and center in your mind will help you to stay strong. "Mom, I think it is time to get some new pointe shoes." deep breath. Next no matter what happens remind your parent that you are saving a lot of money my ordering them. This always seems to help. Even though my parents are pretty understanding, this is usually my lest favorite step. Whew. Got that over with. Until next month..........
  2. After you have gotten the pointe shoes and sewn them up and everything, you have to break them in. Now I usually have bad luck with this because more often then not something really important seams to be going on when I have rock hard shoes. So this is when I get all my cough-blisters-ahem callouses.
  3. This, my friends is when my love affair happens. The pointe shoes are perfectly hard,or perfectly soft, or perfectly in the middle. You have supper powers in your feet after breaking those darn things in. Sigh. True love.....
  4. Next they start going down hill. This step is kinda hard to notice sotimes because you might still br entranced by step number 3. But don't be fobbed of, because there day of doom is coming silently but violently.
  5. This is the the class that your teacher comes up to you and says, "Do you have any new shoes?" You knew it was coming, but you didn't do anything about it. And after those words leave her mouth, it is nothing but bad luck. You are falling out of every thing, tripping over things, running into people and getting very frustrated. My friend, we are back to step number one.


 But at the end of the day, when I look in the mirror and see this I smile. Because it really is worth it.


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