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Friday, September 11, 2015

my pee hike

I am the queen of embarrassing situations. Hardly a week goes by without something awkward happening to me. So today, in honor of school starting up, I thought I would share one of my top embarrassing stories. :)

  I was hanging out with my friend Elizabeth (who blogs here) and she got invited to go on a hike with some kids from the place we take classes at. A *special person* was going, and it was pretty much mandatory we showed up. Well, that she show up, and I would be a tag-a-long.

  We got to the trail head, where a few kids from school (upper classman) and some older siblings, various girl friend/boy friends ect. were, before we headed out. The hike was on a steep incline, and took a while to get to the top. Once we finally made it up to a beautiful view of the valley, everyone just hung out and drank water.

  I had a problem; nature was calling. Because it had taken significant effort to make it too the top, we couldn't exactly run back down. Being the friend I am, I dragged Elizabeth over behind a rock to watch for anyone, while I pulled my pants down and started peeing. Two seconds later Elizabeth loud-whispered, "Abort! Abort! Abort!"

  This left me with two options- one, finish and totally moon whoever was coming over, or option two, franticly pull up my pants and try to stop peeing.

I opted for option two.

  A few kids had come over to ask what we were up to, ("Just enjoying the view") and plopped down. While, this would have been fine if I had been finished, but I wasn't. Standing there, wet jeans and all, we chatted with them about the hike. We must have been pretty popular because more and more people started migrating over to where we were.

  Pretty soon a junior, who happens to think he's the coolest thing that ever happened to the world, came and sat down. Right where I had just peed.

"Gosh, the ground is kinda damp right here."
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