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Sunday, March 13, 2016

list of happy tag

///List of HAppy///
words// joy, adagio, any thing in french, poppy, dark chocolate mocha, bumfuzzle, fobbed

movies & tv// the office, grey's anatomy, roman holiday, white collar, the blind side, sherlock

scents// hot taco soup, fancy perfume, hairspray, breakfast foods, steamy espresso, freshly printed paper, shampooed hair, clean car smell. 

songs// anything Bach or Vivaldi (with no harpsichord), 7 Years, Say Something (Postmodern Jukebox version), exes and ohs, Fight Song, Adele's entire new album, and Colors

books// to kill a mockingbird, footnotes, life in motion, the Narnia series, if i stay,

random// writing quotes in fancy handwriting, gifts, snail mail, movement, holding babies, shower at the end of the day, mascara, new pointe shoes, new clothes

tags// HannahAshley, Hannah, GraceLeah

mentions// thanks for the lovley Kate @ the goodness revolt for the tag. She is seriously the best and I want to be her. Soooo yeah. Ya'll go check her blog out. 
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