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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Awkward and Awesome: Round One

Hello everyone! I've decided to start doing a "Awkward and Awesome" post every few weeks. (a.k.a. every few months...) Basically, I'll catch you up on all my awkward and awesome happenings. Like the time I peed my pants on a hike with a bunch of kids or when or when I was pretty sure the dental assistant thought I was illiterate... so here we go!

Awkward: I was at a costume fitting for party scene in The Nutcracker, and I had tried on about fifty-billion different dress/skirt/jacket combinations. It was outfit variation 50,000,000,001 and I stood staring in the mirror while taking to the costume mistress. "I don't know, it's fine if you like it," I told her. "I guess I just think it's a little plain Jane." I promptly turned around to find not only the costume mistress, but our artistic director who's name is Jane. Ahem.

Awesome:  What's awesome?  Well, I totally didn't fail my chemistry exam that I was sure I had. And even thought I'm just generally better at math based sciences, I am still terrified to mention any of my quiz or exam grades. Because every one is brilliant. There are no kids that turn it late homework or procrastinate on studying. They are all so smart. And then there's me.

Awkward: Apparently all my awkward things have to do with Nutcracker. So we have new marzipan costumes this year. Yep. There basically a blue version of the costume Sandra Bullock wears in Miss Congeniality for her talent. Without the wedding decorations on her arms.
Here is a visual aid:

Uh-hmm. And I bet the girls that previously wore them were five foot eleven and ninety pounds, because they are t-i-g-h-t.  Let's just say that nothing is going anywhere. And I'm going to leave it at that. 

Awesome:  It's almost December, and December is my-most-favoriteist month of the year. Warm fires, way too much chocolate on my hands, Tchaikovsky, Amy Grant and Michael Buble playing constantly. Nutcracker, my birthday, Christmas, and time shared with friends. Oh, yeah, and I will be  licensed driver! 

And that just about wraps up round one of Awkward and Awesome. So now I'm curious: what are your resent awkward and awesome moments? 

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Friday, June 26, 2015

week 21- Sharing the Joy

Last weekend was my performance; the long awaited, exhaustedly rehearsed, event of the semester. The show was titled A Tribute to Broadway, and each piece was biased off of a Broadway play or musical. I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves :-)

These were from The Lion King, featured lots of African movement. I had a sinus infection and fever, so I was mostly breathing out of my mouth :-)

Ballet was Into The Woods, which was a ton of fun. 

 (the Into the Woods director/one of my ballet teachers)

Tap was Sing, Sing, Sing, from Fosse. 


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Friday, March 13, 2015

week 14- What's in My Dance Bag?

I don't know about you, but I have wasted an ungodly amount of time on YouTube watching 13 year olds go through their Coach and Lululomon dance bags. Add that to the Facebook links on Russian ballerina's dance bags, and I am pretty much certified expert on dance bag contents. 

   So today you get a little peek in  mine :-)

This is my non-designer bag, from Target. I actually got this for my birthday because my old bag was falling apart, and I love it so far!

Let me tell you something. It may be relatively new, but it doesn't smell new. 

a peek in the top

This bag is my leg warmer bag. Because of my feet issues, I use a hefty supply of legwarmers and fuzzy socks regularly; this is their home!

Next, is my pointe shoe bag. I use a mesh laundry bag to allow my shoes to breathe, and last longer because of the sweat. For some of my pointe shoe tips and tricks, click here

Next is my ballet slippers, that I keep in this yellow drawstring bag:-)

the line up

This bag holds my tap and jazz shoes (I may have a thing for bags......)

Next, is random stuff that I keep in this bag- usually a extra pair of tights and a leo, granola bars, lady things, ect. 

And finally, I have trash bag pants, a sweat shirt, and a thero band.

Happy dancing!! 

Q: What are your go-to items to keep in your dance bag? 

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Week four- Nutcracker survival guide

  A few tips to survive Nutcracker!

  • To keep the tule from getting stuck in your legs- spray hairspray all over your tights and inner thighs. It works! 
  • Keep small bags of snacks in your dance bag. Almonds, trail mix, peanut butter pretzels, humus and veggies, or cheese and crackers. It's easy to be discrete about grabbing a handful of almonds to keep your energy up
  • Bring at least two water bottles
  • Extras all around! Tights, bobby pins, hair spray,  pointe shoes, flat shoes, ect. You never know when your tights will snag........
  • Nail polish to stop the run you just got in your tights
  • Music to warm yourself up
  • Warm up clothing- zip up sweat shirt, pangs, leg warmers, ect.
  • Clothes for after the show
  • A quick change chart, if you have more then one dance
And there you are! Happy Nutcracker!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fifty Two Weeks of Ballet- Week two

  This weeks topic:  Pointe Shoe Tips & Tricks

You you know those days, where your pointe shoes are being stupid, you have 5 million blisters, and your shoes are either too big or too small? And then your whole class is spend trying not to cry or  start riping your hair out....

  Here are some of the things I have found helpful. I would love to hear what you do/use!

  • For shoes that are too small- Either your feet are swelling, it was a weird pair, or summer is coming; whatever it is, you cant waste that $80! In the fabric around the heel, separate it from the satin. You should have a layer of canvas pinched in between your fingers. Now cut the canvas in a line, leaving about 1/4 of a inch my each seam.

  • For tight arches- the most wonderful thing. A foot rubz :) Just trust me on this one.

  • For ripping toes- cut of the fabric on the ends. I sometimes darn mine if I am having trouble sitting squarely on the box. 

  • Bleeding toes? Lambs wool, ouch pouches, New Skin (liquid band aid- perfect for blisters), and oral numbing cream. If I have a blister, I put New Skin over it, and then put I corn pad (like so) over it. Works every time! The oral numbing cream can numb things that hurt!

What am I missing? Comment below: I want to hear what you do!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

How to Make a Ballet Bun

Dear Jayna,

So remember the bun conversation?

Step 1)
First you brush our all of you hair, and spray it lightly with water or a dab of hair spray. Brush this in with your hair: it just helps keep all the little frizzes down.

Step 2)
Brush your hair into a pony tail. This could be any where from low to high depending on where you want the bun, but remember that the hair will spread out 1-2 inches around the pony tail, depending on how long your hair is.

Step 3)
Pull the hair straight away from your head, and twist it

Step 4)
Take the hair and twist it all around in a circle: I always bobby pin as I go

Step 5)
(Optional) Take a hair net and plop it over the bun once, twist the rest around the bun and tuck it in with a bobby pin.

Step 6)
Spray a few puffs of hair spray, and you are ready to go!

P.S. If you would like to make a cimmion roll bun, separate the pony tail in half. Twist and bobby pin down each of the two pieces individually.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Interesting ballet thoughts

 Dear Jayna,                   

 First of all, I am not sure how interesting this is actually going to be. Just a warning. So in case you were wondering, my pointe shoes are on there way out. They are soft and my legs are doing a lot of work for them witch is not quite as fun.. also, I am restraining myself from buying any new dance wear with the exception of pointe shoes until my birthday. I am thinking of a gift along the lines of Wear Moi if you know what I am talking about:-) Oh, ballet fashion trend: trash bag pants. This is not so much of a trend because they are extremely ugly. But apparently they are really nice to warm up in or for staying warm.  Not much, just a quick little note!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

a hard thing to get over....

We had sleeping Beauty rehearsal last night........he-he-he.
 The prince....oh my my my.
   Before I go any further let me explain to you a little bit; our dance school isn't a small one but we do seem to have a shortage of boys. There are about 300 enrolled students and out of that there are about 3 (4?) boys. So our princes, cavilers, girl lifters are boys from the high school drama club. They do a pretty good job, and it is a LOT of time they have to put into it. But they really don't dance that much; they just kinda walk around lifting and posing. People ask me this all the time whenever the whole thing gets talked about,
                              "Do they have to wear tights?"

 They didn't, until a new managing director came along. And that was a sad day for the boys of the high school drama department.

      Anyways Jayna, back to the point. Our handsome prince was wearing pair of tights.
And well, this is kinda TMI but they kept kinda riding up in the back; coming together at a point if you are catching my waft. He kept pulling the and adjusting them but oh-no, they were not staying put.
"And one, and two, and, no, no. It is AND one, AND, two, AD- stop pulling on your tights!"
"Ok, start again"
"And one, and two, AND three, and lift your heads- and STOP TOUCHING THE TIGHTS!"
 'shake head'
"Let me tell you something. When the girls are dancing they are not always tucking in ribbons, pulling up leotards, and bobby pins. And you should not be doing that ether. Do you understand?"
*giggle goes around*
"Yes sir."
"Ok, start again. And one, AND two......"

    I guess if you are a guy you just kinda have to get used to them. Check out this video:

                                          I guess it is just the way the cookie crumbles.

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