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Friday, January 9, 2015

Week six- 36 Audition Tips

                       ~ 36 Audition Tips ~
      Because summer corse audition season is right around the corner, here are thirty-six audition tips!

1. Do your research
2. Know the style of dance
3. Eat healthy- no junk or extreme diets!
4. Plan what you are going to wear ahead of time
5. Find out what the dress code is
6. If pointe is included, have at least two pairs of working pointe shoes
7. Make sure other dance shoes are in good condition- no holes or dirty soles
8. Order any shoes, tights, leotards, etc., ahead of time
9. Get pictures taken, if requested
10. Talk to your instructors about the audition- get their pointers and input.
11. E-mail or call the school or show, to see if the audition fee should be paid in cash or check
12. Pre-register if possible
13. Drink lots of water
14. Focus of what is ahead of you- the "class"
15. Be yourself, on and off paper
16. Be early
17. Fuel your body
18. Keep your shoes in a small little bundle, ready to put on quickly
19. Bring extras of everything
20. Charge your iPod or phone
21. Warm yourself up
22. Feel your body, and stretch out what you need to
23. Inspire yourself! You can do it!
24. Make sure your hair is secure
25. Be kind, but focused, to other dancers
26. Have confidence
27. Follow all instructions
28. Pay attention to the teachers and your dancing- nothing else
29. Ask questions about the combination if you are unsure; just make sure the teacher hasn't already said
30. Don't panic if your not in the front; they make a point to look at everybody
31. Enjoy yourself- show them you love to dance!
32. Be aware of the space around you
33. Show that you are willing to learn
34. Don't frown
35. Smile and say thank you to the teacher, and panel of people
36. Wait patently, and remember- you are more then a yes or no.

      Best of luck!

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