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Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Favorites

Hello all!

  I love reading all the monthly favorite posts, Pinterest articles, and vlogs. I did a favorites post here, and because of the positive feedback, I've decided to make it a regular feature. Feel free to join me!

grey nail polish

I currently have a grey nail polish with a matte top coat, and I love it. 

e.l.f. bronzing and blush powder

I am pretty cheep when it comes to make-up, and although I love watching their YouTube channels,   I'm certainly no beauty guru. But I can say with confidence that I love this blush and bronzer compact. It is $3 at Target (!!!) and is perfect to add some depth to your face in order to avoid the white, pale, winter look. 


I've had finals, semester deadlines, and a giant science fair all month (hence a lack of posts) and coffee has been my friend when school was not. 

christmas lights

(no, this adorable room is not mine. Sadness, I know...) Stringing up Christmas lights in my room was a wonderful idea. I've always loved the look and I was so happy with the result after finally getting around to it. It is perfect for some quiet time at night, and it creates a warm and cozy environment that helps fight winter blues. 

That's the rundown on my January Favorites; what about yours? 

Thanks for dropping by Letters to Jayna! Please take a moment to leave a comment and let me know what your January Favorites! Also, feel free to leave a comment and follow me on Bloglovin', Pinterest, and Google+. I'm glad you're here! 
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