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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Awkward and awesome: round two

Awesome: Christmas was lovely and warm and cozy. And I hit my yearly jackpot because my birthday and Christmas are both in December.

Awkward: So I'm browsing the aslies of Nordstrom Rack waiting for my extremely slow parents, and I see my friend David. So I start to walk over to say hi, but being the stupid person I am, I decide to take a picture just in case it's not him. Bad idea. I'm being supper stealth (or so I thought) because suddenly he looks up and says, "Do you have a problem or something?" And I went, "Oh I am so sorry! I though you were a friend and I was trying to be funny, I'm so sorry!" The guy replies, "Just because I'm Asian doesn't mean I look like everyone else."
So. So. So. Embarrassing.

Awesome: I've got a youth retreat coming up that I'm really looking forward to. Because of my dance schedule, I've only been able to attend one youth group this year. So I'm excited to escape the craziness of life for three days.

Awkward: Currently I have three giant pimples and a few small, yet prominent, other pimples. It. Is. Terrible. Every time someone looks at me, all they see are the giant red mountains on my face. Oh yeah, and I ran out of concealer. Grrr.

And that wraps up this awkward post!

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Sunday, December 20, 2015


Over the past two years I've had the privilege to teach violin lessons to a few sweet kiddos. We meet most weeks, and hold our recitals at nursing homes. I've loved sharing joy in music, and learning to teach music. This weekend, at our Christmas nursing home recital, I met a lady named Millie.
Millie came from a family of servants in the Kent countryside of Britain; she traveled the world as a missionary, with her husband. Her husband, Ted, was shot and killed in Cuba.

  Mille, who is 98, told me all this after we played our little arrangement and passed out our little cards. She took me back to her room to give me a copy of the biography that had been written about her and her husband. Mille also gave me a copy of her Christmas card.
Here's what it said:

My Dear                                                                                                           December 2015
   Happy Jesus Birthday! I really believe that! I pray this Christmas greeting finds you all well. This year, I'm almost finished reading my Bible all the way through. I'm sure it is close to the 100th time! What thrills me is how, that in the middle of the night, verses come to me like the one, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." Prov. 3:5-6. I thank the Lord we are all so healthy. We don't know how much longer we have, so make the most of every minute! Not everybody is expecting the Lord to come back, but when I was a young girl, my father would open the drapes and say, "I wonder if it's today?" Now I am doing the same! 

    Lets celebrate Jesus! 
           Your ever loving, 

I love love love this. This Christmas, I'm going to try and look at things with the perspective of 98 year old Mille. Will you join me?

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Carousel Days

One of my earliest memories is of my grandparents taking by older sister Rachel and I into downtown Seattle in the midst of the Christmas season. We would take the bus and ask my Mimia to kiss us after she put her lipstick (in order to obtain some red color for ourselves). After wandering the streets in our matching Hannah Anderson jackets, lunch would take place in the Nordstrom Cafe. We would browse the racks of designer childrens clothing, never to buy, just shuffle through. Sniffing Channel on our wrists, we would strut down to meet my Hungarian Grandpa at the carousel.

I remember joyous surprise after my Grandpa buying us more tickets in order that we ride again. 
Decorating their house for Christmas. 
Helping Mimia set up the Christmas village. 
Creating a detailed gingerbread house, complete with individual sides not to be crossed. 
Rachel's non-stop words pouring out after the magical day.  

Since than, years have passed. Two more siblings joined the picture; we moved out of the city. 
My grandpa's life was taken by a stroke, leaving my Grandma to carry out these traditions with her much-to-busy grandchildren. 

  We make it down to Seattle every December to satisfy my mom with a Santa picture (we now have over 15 years of consecutive Santa pictures...) and we try our best to hop on the carousel. 
Gingerbread house making has disintegrated, as we never ended up eating the sugary confection. I think the Christmas village found itself at the Goodwill.

 We now realize this is the last year with all the kiddos in the house, available to be dragged of on these adventures. Collage breaks will become our best shot to squeeze moments like these in. 
But you know what? 
New Christmas traditions will be made.
Spontaneous moments of joy will occur. 
And I will always treasure these carousel riding, gingerbread making, Nordstrom shopping, Christmas village decorating days of fun. 
Q: Do you have any treasured holiday memories? 

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Awkward and Awesome: Round One

Hello everyone! I've decided to start doing a "Awkward and Awesome" post every few weeks. (a.k.a. every few months...) Basically, I'll catch you up on all my awkward and awesome happenings. Like the time I peed my pants on a hike with a bunch of kids or when or when I was pretty sure the dental assistant thought I was illiterate... so here we go!

Awkward: I was at a costume fitting for party scene in The Nutcracker, and I had tried on about fifty-billion different dress/skirt/jacket combinations. It was outfit variation 50,000,000,001 and I stood staring in the mirror while taking to the costume mistress. "I don't know, it's fine if you like it," I told her. "I guess I just think it's a little plain Jane." I promptly turned around to find not only the costume mistress, but our artistic director who's name is Jane. Ahem.

Awesome:  What's awesome?  Well, I totally didn't fail my chemistry exam that I was sure I had. And even thought I'm just generally better at math based sciences, I am still terrified to mention any of my quiz or exam grades. Because every one is brilliant. There are no kids that turn it late homework or procrastinate on studying. They are all so smart. And then there's me.

Awkward: Apparently all my awkward things have to do with Nutcracker. So we have new marzipan costumes this year. Yep. There basically a blue version of the costume Sandra Bullock wears in Miss Congeniality for her talent. Without the wedding decorations on her arms.
Here is a visual aid:

Uh-hmm. And I bet the girls that previously wore them were five foot eleven and ninety pounds, because they are t-i-g-h-t.  Let's just say that nothing is going anywhere. And I'm going to leave it at that. 

Awesome:  It's almost December, and December is my-most-favoriteist month of the year. Warm fires, way too much chocolate on my hands, Tchaikovsky, Amy Grant and Michael Buble playing constantly. Nutcracker, my birthday, Christmas, and time shared with friends. Oh, yeah, and I will be  licensed driver! 

And that just about wraps up round one of Awkward and Awesome. So now I'm curious: what are your resent awkward and awesome moments? 

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

the Wraping Up of Christmas

{my older sister Rachel and I, era 2002}

Ahh. We made it though New Year's people. I'm don't have anything against the holidays, and frankly, it's always a little sad when December is over. But this year, it was kind of like a marathon. Exhausting. Totally exhausting. 
   Party after party. The Nutcracker that I wasn't able to dance in. Exams. Getting my wisdom teeth out so my face could look great for Christmas photos. Seriously people. I look like a over weight chipmunk in 97% of the pictures. And then, the never ending list of gifts to buy. Okay, question: what do you do when a loose friend gets you some nice gift? And you are like, totally unprepared, much less have a gift for them. Awkward. 

    But because my birthday is also in December, it is kind of the gift jackpot for me.
I got this sweater-

  My mom was on a fuzzy kick this year, which is great because fuzzy usually equals warm. And it has been feeling like the Arctic tundra lately. 

And you thought I was lying about the cheeks. 

So yeah. Now it's on the science fair panic and 25 page reports. The microscope has become part of  my room decor. And rubber gloves. Classy, I know.

    There you go friends- my after Christmas ramblings:-)
What about you? How was your December?


Wednesday, December 24, 2014


 Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Nutcracker ballerinas- you did it
Tired moms- you are amazing
Out of school students- we made it to Christmas break!
Emotional friends- you are loved
Stressed dads- you got this
Excited kids- joy is important. don't forget that.

We are loved by a mighty God. And He is faithful- let us rejoice in our Father!
   I hope you all have a blessed holiday!
much love,

Saturday, December 21, 2013

christmas blues

Dear Jayna,
 So Christmas is here, again.
And it comes with party's to go to, gifts to buy, and food to make.
All on top of a room to clean, school to do, and recitals to survive.
Add in friend drama, stomach flu, and a girl who tries to do it all.
And just kind of there.  Not very much piazza.
  God, why is Christmas like this, for me this year? Like, why am I so.....well, kinda depressed.

     And even though I am trying to put on my just keep-going-and-everything-will-be-fine kinda look, stuff just looms there.  Nutcracker was  hard to survive: and I miss you, I miss my aunt, and I miss my Awana leader who died of cancer. it just kind of hangs over me, like a little sadness cloud.

And you know what God, the Lord of the entire universe, has to keep reminding me, his stupid little sheep?
                                                   Elissa, it is ok to feel sad.
                                  it is ok to say that things have been a little rough.
                      you are allowed to sit with your feelings. Because your daddy, your
                                        savoir, the one who rescued you from the darkness,
                             Loves you.
you. you you  you  you  you  you  you  you  you  you & you
You, the girl who yells at her mom.
You, who is mad at your brother for nocking over your nightstand, therefore creating a mess that was never cleaned up.
You, the girl that is jealous at her friends.
You, who is a angry, selfish, stressed, moody, and hormonal human being.

                          I am not very good at remembering that.

And this Christmas, I am feeling God's love. And his amazing, never-stopping, always and forever love.
 And that Jayna, is what this whole Christmas thing is all about.
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