Why is this blog called Letters to Jayna?

     My friend Jayna moved from the Pacific North West, and we decided to do some communicating through blogging. Therefore, some of the posts are written in the form of letters. The letters contain  thoughts/hopes/dreams/notes about life.

How can I contact you?
  The best way to contact me is to leave a comment. If you wish to contact me privately, please leave a comment with your e-mail address and indicate your desire- I will delete your comment, and send you a e-mail.

Do you ever do guest posts?
   Yes, I do! I love writing for other blogs and featuring guest bloggers on my own. If you are interested, please let me know!

Can you tell me about yourself?
     My name is Elissa. My parents wanted to call me Ellie, so instead of Alyssa they named me Elissa. I made my entrance into the world on a ambulance:)

    I am a teenage girl, who homeschools. When I say that, let me clarify a few things....
  •  No, I do not wear jean skirts and tennis shoes.
  •  I do not live in a log cabin.
  • I know how to interact with kids and adults of all ages and background.
  • (I know your thinking this, so I am going to answer your unspoken thought) I'M NOT SOCIALLY AWKWARD.  
  • I do leave my house. Seriously, I do.

     So now I have gave my little homeschool rant, let me continue.
   I love dance of all kinds: ballet is my favorite, but I enjoy all mediums. I am currently enrolled in jazz, tap, and ballet. I help in a ballet class for 8-10 year old's, and I also help in a beginning tap class for 2-5 graders (yeah, those guys sometimes give me a headache.) I love teaching, and if I don't end up getting the opportunity to  dance professionally, I want to teach.

   I take classes at a school that is made for homeschoolers. I take a two hour class, and then get homework for the rest of the week. It has been a blessing to me, because I am able to have a teacher outside the home, but still get to do my work at home. It is the second year I have done this, and I am taking science, and English there. The rest I do at home.

   My faith is really important to me, and you will see that as you look through some posts.

How many siblings do you have?
 I have two sisters and a brother. I am in the middle of the girl's, and the boy is the youngest.

 How old were you when you started dancing?
I was three when I started ballet. I began taking tap/ballet combo classes in kindergarten, and took those for two years. Then I started taking separate tap/ballet classes. I started jazz in January of 2013.

How often do you dance?
I take a base of three ballet classes a week, one conditioning, jazz, modern, and tap class, three pointe classes and a tap choreography class. Some days are longer then others: it just depends. If we have a show coming up we will have more rehearsals. During Nutcracker session I am at the dance studio all day every Saturday.

                                                     {thanks for stopping by!}


  1. That's so cool! I enjoyed reading that!

  2. You have a very nice blog Elissa. :) I like it.
    I hope you check out my blog and follow it by email! And if you like to read or write, you can enter my giveaway. :) creatingpreciousmoments.blogspot.com
    Love in Christ,

    1. Thanks Ashley! I am so glad you enjoy it:-) I will definitely have to check it out!

  3. Just came across your blog! How cool!
    I would love for you to check my blog out!


    1. Hello Mercy! Welcome to the blogging world, and thanks for dropping by! I will definitely go check it out!

  4. My parents call me Ellie too and I was homeschooled up until 10th grade. So I feel for you when it comes to trying to convince people that some homeschoolers are actually normal people too. haha I also have two sisters and I'm the middle but no little brother! This is kind of blowing my mind! And on top of all those similarities, I love God and try to bring glory to him everyday although I'm very flawed and fall short daily. God knew what he was doing when he created the concept of grace and mercy! I'm so glad to find your blog girl and would love to talk more!

    1. Awwww, that is SO SO COOL and slightly weird!!
      I'm so glad you "found" me! :)

  5. I'd love for you to do a guest post sometime on my blog "Saved by Grace" if you'd like? I'm always up for people to talk on my blog. =)

    1. I would love to! I'll shoot you an email:)


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