Wednesday, April 12, 2017


It's quiet right now.
Everyone sleeping, curled in their beds.
The cars swish past every once in a while, rain drops dance off and on.
But it's quiet.
The sky is black, although the earth prepares for the arrival of the sun.

I think about my day:
Youth group
Birthday Party

I think about what I'm going to wear :
no ideas yet

I wonder if my sister is awake at collage,
Or if my friend Jayna is headed to bed.

I don't have any brilliant ideas or captivating thoughts.
Just silence.

I think Jesus is loudest when I am quiet.
So often I pour out my thoughts and my prayers and I talk to him and I want to be fixed-
But I don't often wait for an answer.

I have no idea why I'm awake right now, because my alarm is set for 6:30.
But it's quiet.
So I'm going to quiet too.


  1. wow........that's all I can say

    and btw I really like your new profile picture xD

  2. There's something so peaceful about being up when no one's up. This morning I couldn't be bothered to get out of bed haha. Silence is such a great thing.

    1. I know! I kind of hate it but also, quiet is so needed!

  3. and after you're quiet you can FaceTime Liz and wake her up bc. she loves you and will talk to you anytime (except early in the mornings in might be more of a yell)

    1. hahahaha, I think I've waken you up more than a few times with my ft calls :p

  4. your writing makes my heart happy <3


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