Friday, January 27, 2017



a few thoughts/disclaimers:
i look bald
i make a werid smacking/pooching sound with my lips in-between sentences
my little brother is practicing his piano in the background
i say "like" alot and sound, like, uneducated
and what is even happening with my eyebrows

So now I will shut up and stop being insecure and let you grab some tea and watch the q & a!!

let me know what questions I missed, and let me reply to all you beautiful people! 

Monday, January 23, 2017

15 resons you're worth it

  1. because you have talent
  2. you hold power
  3. because you give
  4. you are beautiful
  5. you are unique
  6. you are loved
  7. your light shines from within
  8. you have joy
  9. you contain forgiveness
  10. because you make people laugh
  11. you have admirers
  12. you are smart
  13. you are loved
  14. you are so so special
  15. you're worth it. so very worth it.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

err, do y'all have questions//potential vlog

you guys, I think I'm going to make a vlog Q&A.
I know.
*everyone collectively rolls their eyes because the bandwagon has already left the station*
^^I'm not really sure what the "bandwagon has left the station" means but it sounds right so......

So if you've ever wanted to ask me why I talk a lot or if I sleep with socks on or off, now is your golden opportunity! Seriously, leave questions in the comments below.

Also, if you wanna watch some awesome bloggers vlogs check out:

Olivia from summer of 1999: 
Abbie for Abbiee:
Vanessa from Simply Me:
Grace from Totally Graced:

happy sunday!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

the unspoken anniversaries

Sometimes days come that we don't want to acknowledge.
They may sneak up on us;
or maybe they shout out their coming arrival.
Whatever the case may be, the calender still turns.
The memories of days past still come.
And these memories we face become anniversaries.

Anniversaries of things that can't be mentioned in chit-chat.
Memories that are held close,
stored deeply in our very being.

We're not to talk with strangers about these things.
Sometimes, we can't talk with anyone about these anniversaries,
these feelings.

But the days arrive and the thoughts unpack.
The sun rises in order that we might live through this.
We convince ourselves that we are meant to walk through these anniversaries alone,
although nothing could be further from the truth.

So when the day arrives, stand tall.
Look it in the eye.
Gather your troops- friends, chocolate, movies, family, journals, phone calls- whoever they are.
Let them walk the day with you.
For you, dear one,
are not meant to face these days alone.
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