Wednesday, December 21, 2016

letter to the hurting

Hey you-
you who are brave and strong,
yet also hurting and wondering.

you who is crumbling while the world smiles at you emptily,
acting like you are broken in this season of joy.

hey you-
I know it feels like you're alone and everything is falling apart.
I know it your heart is being stabbed over and over and over.
But I also know that it gets better.

I know you want a magic answer to make it okay in a second;
it sucks, because there isn't.
But all this?
It does get better.

These dark clouds will pass.
The sun will shine.
This is a season, not a life sentence.

So please please please
know you are loved
realize that you have so many plans to accomplish
look for people fighting for you.
Because it does it get better.
It totally gets better.


  1. Amen! Because, with God all things are possible. I so appreciate your posts, Elissa! xx

  2. Even though you posted a rude comment my last post (THERE WERE TEARS ELISSA, TEARS), I'm going to fight hate with love and leave a nice comment.
    Actually though, I adored this post and I so adore you and your strength and wisdom. You never cease to amaze and inspire me and I'm so grateful to be your friend. It does get better, it always gets better, but it also gets worse at times. BUT because we have Christ, we can get through all seasons of life, whether good or bad <3

    Love you!!

    1. *rolls eyes*
      I write truth Elizabeth. And you know you love me.

      And in all seriousness, I just died a little. Love you chica!!

  3. Lovely post for encouragement. Keep doing what you do. God bless and Merry Christmas 😊

  4. This is really lovely and encouraging! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll follow you :)


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