Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Favorites

Hello all!

  I love reading all the monthly favorite posts, Pinterest articles, and vlogs. I did a favorites post here, and because of the positive feedback, I've decided to make it a regular feature. Feel free to join me!

grey nail polish

I currently have a grey nail polish with a matte top coat, and I love it. 

e.l.f. bronzing and blush powder

I am pretty cheep when it comes to make-up, and although I love watching their YouTube channels,   I'm certainly no beauty guru. But I can say with confidence that I love this blush and bronzer compact. It is $3 at Target (!!!) and is perfect to add some depth to your face in order to avoid the white, pale, winter look. 


I've had finals, semester deadlines, and a giant science fair all month (hence a lack of posts) and coffee has been my friend when school was not. 

christmas lights

(no, this adorable room is not mine. Sadness, I know...) Stringing up Christmas lights in my room was a wonderful idea. I've always loved the look and I was so happy with the result after finally getting around to it. It is perfect for some quiet time at night, and it creates a warm and cozy environment that helps fight winter blues. 

That's the rundown on my January Favorites; what about yours? 

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Sunday, January 24, 2016


I feel like a just ran a marathon but only remember bits and pieces.  It's a blur of ups and downs, with life throwing me round and round.
I feel like it was nothing profound.
Just research and dancing and hoping and praying and very little clowning around.

I've eaten more ice cream then I want to admit;
I've thrown fits
And I'm sure I've shrank an inch.

Now I'm more tired then I know
I'm waiting for my faith to grow.
I trying to focus on the pros
And remind my self that it's okay to stop and smell the rose.

So now I sit staring at the screen
Wondering what it all even means,
While shoving down greens.

I'm listening for His voice
And realizing I have a choice.
A choice to listen to His words

Saying, "Have faith Elissa, and rest in me. I know exactly what your going to be. You worry and stress and panic and cry; while you know I'm here, walking by your side.
You need to rest in my unending grace.
And know that I see your sweet tired face."

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Awkward and awesome: round two

Awesome: Christmas was lovely and warm and cozy. And I hit my yearly jackpot because my birthday and Christmas are both in December.

Awkward: So I'm browsing the aslies of Nordstrom Rack waiting for my extremely slow parents, and I see my friend David. So I start to walk over to say hi, but being the stupid person I am, I decide to take a picture just in case it's not him. Bad idea. I'm being supper stealth (or so I thought) because suddenly he looks up and says, "Do you have a problem or something?" And I went, "Oh I am so sorry! I though you were a friend and I was trying to be funny, I'm so sorry!" The guy replies, "Just because I'm Asian doesn't mean I look like everyone else."
So. So. So. Embarrassing.

Awesome: I've got a youth retreat coming up that I'm really looking forward to. Because of my dance schedule, I've only been able to attend one youth group this year. So I'm excited to escape the craziness of life for three days.

Awkward: Currently I have three giant pimples and a few small, yet prominent, other pimples. It. Is. Terrible. Every time someone looks at me, all they see are the giant red mountains on my face. Oh yeah, and I ran out of concealer. Grrr.

And that wraps up this awkward post!

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