Thursday, September 24, 2015

beautiful in it's time

A few years ago, Hold On by TobyMac was my current song obsession. The lyrics spoke perfectly to my heart, constantly encouraging me. 
I was so lost in a cloud, walking blindly through a valley.  
   Sadness and pain surrounded me, and for good reason. 
Loss after loss.
 Hurt after hurt.
And months later, I couldn't snap out of it. 
I couldn't shake the little sadness cloud hanging over my head. 
   I used to wake up and sit in a chair, starring off into space for a hour every morning. 
People told me it would be better- but months after these losses, I had less and less of an excuse for my sadness cloud.  

So baby hold on
just another day or two
I can see the clouds are
moving faster now
and the sun is breaking through
If you can hold on, to the one that's holding you
there is nothing that can
stop this crazy love
from breaking through

I held onto God- I let Him lead me out. 
  I felt like I was walking with a blindfold, not knowing the reasons for any of this hurt. 
And God told me to hold on.
   To fight the good fight,
Allowing Him to be my every breath, my every move.

Two and a half years later, I got the opportunity to see TobyMac in person. 
On Sunday, my dear friend Alyse had her 16th birthday and we headed out to see him.

And it was awesome!! We sang Funky Jesus Music and danced and screamed and partied our little butts off.

  I had kinda forgotten about that song until I found myself singing it along with the hundreds of other people in the crowd. And it was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. 

And God kept his promise; he held onto me.
  I'm in a much better place to experience joy!
My heart sings out to God, and his sunshine fills my heart.

He has made all things beautiful their time- he really has.

Q: Has there every been a song that God has spoken to you through?

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Friday, September 18, 2015

fashion friday- fall school clothes

Hello! I am so excited to introduce you to fashion Fridays! I will be posting different outfits each week, and hopefully I will inspire you to try something new and exciting. Sometimes I get stuck in style ruts- it's always so helpful to get inspiration from others! If you feel inspired to create your own fashion Friday post, feel free too! I just ask that you use the above picture and link back to my blog. Thanks, and enjoy!

shirt- Old Navy/skirt- Gap/ sweater- Target/shoes- Hannah Anderson

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Friday, September 11, 2015

my pee hike

I am the queen of embarrassing situations. Hardly a week goes by without something awkward happening to me. So today, in honor of school starting up, I thought I would share one of my top embarrassing stories. :)

  I was hanging out with my friend Elizabeth (who blogs here) and she got invited to go on a hike with some kids from the place we take classes at. A *special person* was going, and it was pretty much mandatory we showed up. Well, that she show up, and I would be a tag-a-long.

  We got to the trail head, where a few kids from school (upper classman) and some older siblings, various girl friend/boy friends ect. were, before we headed out. The hike was on a steep incline, and took a while to get to the top. Once we finally made it up to a beautiful view of the valley, everyone just hung out and drank water.

  I had a problem; nature was calling. Because it had taken significant effort to make it too the top, we couldn't exactly run back down. Being the friend I am, I dragged Elizabeth over behind a rock to watch for anyone, while I pulled my pants down and started peeing. Two seconds later Elizabeth loud-whispered, "Abort! Abort! Abort!"

  This left me with two options- one, finish and totally moon whoever was coming over, or option two, franticly pull up my pants and try to stop peeing.

I opted for option two.

  A few kids had come over to ask what we were up to, ("Just enjoying the view") and plopped down. While, this would have been fine if I had been finished, but I wasn't. Standing there, wet jeans and all, we chatted with them about the hike. We must have been pretty popular because more and more people started migrating over to where we were.

  Pretty soon a junior, who happens to think he's the coolest thing that ever happened to the world, came and sat down. Right where I had just peed.

"Gosh, the ground is kinda damp right here."

Sunday, September 6, 2015

All the Time

You know what?

 God is good, all the time.
All the time.

  Even when it's crazy overwhelming. Even when things aren't going the way you hoped, or thought. Even when it's hard. Or even when things are good.

God is good. All the time.

  I like to forget that. I forget that God's grace covers me when I am anxious.

I don't feel like everything is going my way, or is perfectly fair.
  I forget that I don't do the right things for the approval or rewards of others.

Sometimes I use lies to motivate me.

 I don't cover myself in God's love- instead I tell myself that God does love me, I just need to keep trying to be a good person.

I let myself run on my own steam.

I allow lies to control my actions.

 But you guys, God is good all the time.

He is good when I freak out over a casting list.
He is good when things aren't fair, and don't go the way I want.
He is good when I am overwhelmed.
He is good when I think more of others opinions, then of his.
He is good when life isn't.
He is good when I try to depend on my own strength.

He is good.

Slow yourself down this week. Remind yourself constantly that

God is good, when..................

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Question: Do you ever struggle to know that God is good when..........?
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