Monday, March 30, 2015

I wonder

(photo credit here)
I was born in a ambulance
Bright red and white
A sign, perhaps,
Of what is to come?

I was born at 8:07 on a Sunday morning.
Always in a hurry, struggling to rest

I wonder about my being born-
Why I made it out,
But the next beating heartbeat in my mother's womb did not.

Why God chose me to gasp in
Exhaling in scream

What He had in mind when
Designing my soul.

What immense work
I was knit to accomplish  

I’m perched here.

They say the sky is limitless
That you can do anything,
Be the person you want

How can you embrace yourself
While striving to become
The person you wish to be?

How can you do anything
When told no?

I wonder these things.

Sometimes I fantasize.
Me wiping runny noses,
cooking dinner for my sweetheart.

Applying thick make-up  
Ready to run on stage,
To dance?
         To sing?
                  To act?

 Sitting in a clinic
Befriending muscles and bones
A framed parchment on the wall.

On a set  
Screen behind
Waiting to tell America their morning weather.

I wonder these things.

I wonder what God made me

    To fulfill 

Friday, March 27, 2015

week 16- A Few Book Recommendations

With my birthday and Christmas relatively close together, December is the jackpot of gifts for me. Gifts+ homeschool mom= books 

    Today I am going to share some of my favorite (ballet inspired, of course) books. 

  The first is Life in Motion, by Misty Copeland- You can find it on Amazon here. There has been much  talk in the dance world about the author, Misty Copeland, and her shaking up the ballet world. Misty is a soloist for the American Ballet Theater in New York City, and has been willing to share her inspiring story with the world. I enjoyed reading her perspective and back story, as it's always best to learn from the source. I would definitely recommend this book to dancers and biography lovers alike:-)

   Next is Dancing Through It, by Jenifer Ringer, found on Amazon here. Another dance biography, Jenifer shares her journey to the rank of principal dancer with the New York City Ballet. I loved this book, not only because I love ballet related books, but because Jenifer shares about her faith. To hear about her experience in the ballet world, as a Christian, was intriguing and inspiring. Another worthy read.

  Last, but most definitely not lest, is Footnotes, by Frank Augustyn. You can find it on Amazon here. This is one I pull out again and again. I found it at the library and checked it out a few times before I decided I loved it enough to by it! And I continue to pull it out often. This isn't a biography like the other two; it's more of a commentary and inside look at ballet. Anyways. I'll stop jabbing and let you read it for yourself. You'll like it ;-)

      Happy reading!! 

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Friday, March 20, 2015

week 15- You're a dancer when....

Hello friends! Today I wanted to share some of my favorite "You know you're a dancer when.." quotes. Let me know what I'm missing! 

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Not Ready

She stares in the mirror

Eyes settling on her inferior abdomen.

She persuades herself that this new bulk is the enemy

Lean cellulite, spread around her body,

 Has never received a second glance

Why she’s becoming a Jelly-Belly is beyond her.

Her friends are ignorant to her distress-

It’s just her, facing the mountain of womanhood.

The girls are busy flirting with Jeremy King

The King of the school;

How is Jeremy going to notice her,

The rounding girl?

Her Aunt has assured her she is becoming a woman,

a natural part of life.

“But what if I’m not ready to be a woman?”

She pulls on a worn t-shirt.

It hugs her torso, pulling in places that it never has before.

An unprepared child, she is.

Not ready to grow up.

Stepping back from the mirror

Still disgusted,

She lets out a long, heavy sigh.

She will never be ready to become a woman;

Only ready to embrace womanhood.  

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Friday, March 13, 2015

week 14- What's in My Dance Bag?

I don't know about you, but I have wasted an ungodly amount of time on YouTube watching 13 year olds go through their Coach and Lululomon dance bags. Add that to the Facebook links on Russian ballerina's dance bags, and I am pretty much certified expert on dance bag contents. 

   So today you get a little peek in  mine :-)

This is my non-designer bag, from Target. I actually got this for my birthday because my old bag was falling apart, and I love it so far!

Let me tell you something. It may be relatively new, but it doesn't smell new. 

a peek in the top

This bag is my leg warmer bag. Because of my feet issues, I use a hefty supply of legwarmers and fuzzy socks regularly; this is their home!

Next, is my pointe shoe bag. I use a mesh laundry bag to allow my shoes to breathe, and last longer because of the sweat. For some of my pointe shoe tips and tricks, click here

Next is my ballet slippers, that I keep in this yellow drawstring bag:-)

the line up

This bag holds my tap and jazz shoes (I may have a thing for bags......)

Next, is random stuff that I keep in this bag- usually a extra pair of tights and a leo, granola bars, lady things, ect. 

And finally, I have trash bag pants, a sweat shirt, and a thero band.

Happy dancing!! 

Q: What are your go-to items to keep in your dance bag? 

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

This is the part where you find out who you are


This is when you learn to dance in the pouring rain.
  Now is when you learn to lean on God's grace
In your tears, you are able to choose bitterness or forgiveness
   This is when you overcome
Now is when you shape tomorrow
   This is the part where you find out who you are

There are things pulling at my heart that are not of God.
    Anger. Bitterness. Entitlement.
Every human reason to pitch a temper tantrum because Life isn't fair!!! sits in my heart. I want justice.

   "But Jesus was saying, Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing. And they cast lots, dividing up His garments among themselves. " -Luke 22:34

I don't have that kind of grace. And forgiveness? Yesh.
   I say I am a follower of Jesus; this is the part where I find out who I am.


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Friday, March 6, 2015

week 12- Arch/Feet Strengthening

Hello friends! Today I wanted to share some exercises that has really helped prevent cramps in my feet (and also strengthen:-)

  This above exercise will help improve arch and metatarsal strength. Take a thin towel or folded t-shirt, and set it under one of your feet. Standing with your weight equally balanced; pull your toes towards your heel, scrunching the fabric. Repeat until you can’t do it anymore, and then do five more.

This one will haunt you forever. So standing on your feet, focus all your energy on the teeny, tiny, little mussels in your feet that you never knew you had. Isolate your big toe, and lift it. It might be slightly frustrating at first; but it will help you! 

This one is mainly inner thigh, but I included it because it is also good for becoming intuitive with your feet. Take an exercise band, and tie it. Next, put your feet inside of it and slowly bring one away from the other. Really think about keeping your feet parallel, and really feeling resistance as you come back in. Do this 10 times on each foot. This exercise has everything to do with quality over quantity. 

This is a good Achilles tendon stretch, calf, ankle, and quad stretch. Stand on a prop (stairs, phone books, stool, or whatever) and raise yourself to a demi pointe. You can do both or one foot at a time.

So this is kind of a humble-jumble of stuff. If any of it is helpful, and you want more (or different stuff, just let me know! I am always happy to give people stuff like thisJ As you are doing these, it is super, super, super important that you keep your core, and inner thighs engaged.  Keep your body aligned. Happy Strenghthing! 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Au Revoir Potins!

(Goodbye gossip in French, for those of you who aren't in French I) 

So Lent started a week and a half ago, (just to make you who forgot feel bad). And instead of giving up something lame, I decided to give up something that is lame from it's very root.
I really hate talking about talking about gossip. And being in highschool, it's something that pretty much everyone is hypocritical about. Me too. I enjoy hearing that juicy piece of information about others. I see something weird, and I want to tell someone. I seriously am genuinely nosy about things I really don't need to know about.

So yep. No gossip is coming out of my mouth. And it's hard you guys! I currently have a piece of information that I want to ask a friend about, but I can't. That isn't something I'm proud of. Gossip is fun- it gives a feeling of connection and belonging. But it is so dangerous- it's leaves scars deep in others hearts. It's not a coveted trait. And it is not fun being gossiped about.

Ladies, we have a bad reputation for being gossips, and I've helped create that reputation. I hope and pray that I can change this in myself. I am striving to look for the good in people who annoy the crap out of me. I'm trying to assume the best of others, and understand their hearts. It's hard- so hard!
But lets change.
Let's overcome this battle we fight

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