Friday, February 27, 2015

Week 11- Yogurt Parfait

Hello friends! Today, I am going to share a quick, easy, and healthy recipe that I love! I l-o-v-e Jamba Juice, and this is a spin off on one of their yogurt bowls.


Makes 2 servings

1 cup of frozen strawberries
2 frozen bananas
3/4 cup of greek yogurt  
1 scoup of protein powder (optional)
Splash of orange juice (yield to desired consistency) 
favorite granola (I love Natures Path Pumpkin Flax)
1 banana
  • Put frozen fruit, yogurt, orange juice, and protein powder into blender, and blend until you get a thick smoothie consistency
  • Pour in glass
  • Add granola and bananas to the top
  • Enjoy with a spoon! 
Happy Blending!

Q: What is your favorite blended recipe? 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

29 Thoughts I Had This Weekend

1. Horrayyyyyyy!!!!
2. I made it!
3. Cramp
4. Crap.
5. There is no way I'm going to spend the weekend cramping
6. Advil sounds like  plan
7. Heating pads are good
8. It's really cold.
9. How am I going  to think if it's cold
10. Why do they make kids do a certain number of hours doing school?
11. Technically, couldn't your parents just forge your high school diploma?
12. I wish my parents were sneaky like that
13. But then I would be really dumb
14. Dumber then I am now
15. Can you fake smart?
16. I don't think so
17. Some homeschoolers are no schoolers
18. They don't really do anything
19. Maybe I should check Facebook instead of send this important e-mail
20. I don't think it's that big of a deal
21. I just see if I have any updates
20. Wait.
21. That's her new profile picture?
22. Wowzers
23. Quite the hpmm-boob-cough picture
24. Oooooohhhhhhhh, BuzzFeed quiz
25. I wonder what type of car suits my personality the best
26. No way
27. That's not right
28. I need to take it again
29. Ohhhhhhhhhh, another quiz!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Febuary Flashback

 Hello friends! This is a post I published awhile ago, that I wanted to share. I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day!

   The following is a journal entry I wrote February 14, 2013:

God, this one goes to Jayna;
May her travels be smooth
May she be able to say goodbye peacefully and calmly
May she have a peaceful heart about where she is going
My you bless the house that they move into; will you fill it with joy, with laughter, warmness, hospitality, and a welcoming glow.
May it me a place where Jayna can grow in her independence
May the dance studio be filled with the love of dance
May it be a place were dreams are formed, and grown rather then cut down and shattered.
May it be a place of calmness, and a place where Jayna will be able to worship you with her dance.
May it be a place where Jayna can remove herself from the dramas and stresses of life, and be a place that she will feel your peace in.
May the teachers there see all of the talent you have given her, and may they see how hard she has worked these last few years.
May they enjoy having her in each class, and may she be a fresh breath of newness to the studio.
May the teachers help her grow in her dancing, rather then slowing her down.
May the teachers give her dreams and goals, and Lord, may the girls welcome her and treat her kindly.
May they help her figure things out in a way that is honoring to you.
May they enjoy there company and want to hang out with her.
Lord, may you help them see what a great friend she is.

              God, please hear my prayers. Please God.

 Out of all the praying I did for you before you moved, this was one that I wrote out. I was scared for you; that everything would be a disaster, and Hawaii would be a horrible experience. I prayed and prayed about it, because I wanted God to protect you from anything bad that might happen.

But you know what? Hard stuff still happened.
Three dance studios, and a lot of tears latter, you made the decision to quit dance.
    I asked God why was this happening to you? Did he not hear my prayers? Was I wrong in asking for all this? Why were people so mean and discouraging to you?

At the time of your decision, I really supported that. It was the right thing to do.

  But why was God telling you to quit something that had given you so much joy? Was it to much of a idol, and taking your focus of Him? Was it controlling your emotions to much? Where you so post to be doing something else, or tough it out?

I don't think it was an idol, and I don't think it had much power over your emotions. Yet I don't think you were meant to be toughing it out either. So why was there all that drama, when my prayer was seaming to be met with a no?

This is why:

  You needed to be restored. You had to experience hard, hard things in order to be restored.

When we talked on the phone after that first class, I was tearing up. Not just because I was so happy for you (which I was!), but because God said yes.

  He was doing what I asked Him to do over a year and a half ago. He was planning this before I asked; before you where born.

That prayer was written on Valentines day; a day about love. Valentines day is celebrated by showing love between people; but does God limit to showing His love just on Valentines day? Nope, nope, nope and no. God is the ultimate example of love, because God is love.  He is a loving God.

 He wasn't sitting up there looking forward to hard stuff coming your way; He was sitting up there with the knowledge that your life would be an example of His love. What a amazing thing to be.

  My friend, the word restored is a good word. A very, very good word. :)


Question: When was a time you felt like God wasn't being loving?

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Five things I've Learned about Friendship


   I love my friends. I have some of the sweetest, caring, thoughtful people in my life. Every time I get of the phone with Jayna I can't stop smiling, because she is amazing. I have the friends I have, because something drew us together. Same with you. Your friends saw a sparkle in you that they were attracted to. You have inside stories and a lot of dirt on each other. It is a wonderful feeling. 

    There are times in life that we are overflowing with friends, and there are other times that it's lonely. It can be hard to not have good friends- it can be very lonely, isolating, and makes you wonder about you. Are you not good enough? Is there something wrong with you? Why don't you have any friends?

     I understand those feelings because I have experienced some of that. There was a time in middle school were a friend of mine took a very mean direction. She filled my head with lies, and it hurt. My heart felt betrayed because of our history. We has sleepovers, and attended each others birthday parties. So what did I do? Her bulling was disguised in the form of "joking", and I took the "joking" personally. It was a time where I felt it was my fault, and something was wrong with me.

    Now that we are older, and time has passed, we get along. I still don't agree with all her choices and her personality can rub me the wrong way. But, I now understand that she was insecure, and putting her insecurity on me. The reason I share that with you, is because I want you to know that nothing is wrong with you. Weather you are in a time of your life that your are surrounded by friends or not, you are there for a reason.

 You guys, by no means do I consider myself a perfect friend. I struggle to just be quiet and listen to my friends hearts. I forget to send birthday cards. Sometimes I ignore a phone call and continue to surf Pintrest. But as I continue to learn about love, and see the kindness others have poured out on me, I begin to realize this huge, beautiful, responsibility I have. I want to serve my friends, to love them, and to share life with them.

   Here are a few things I have been learning about friendship:

1. Send a darn card.
2. Make a phone call. Just to chat
3. The only person you can change is yourself.
4. They don't know what's bothering you, unless you tell them
5. Remind them that you love them


 Q: Do you feel more like a loner or surrounded? What would you add to the list?

Friday, February 6, 2015

week ten: Ballet Video Link-up

Hello ladies! Today I wanted to share a few videos that contain some interesting/helpful information regarding pointe shoes. I have learned from all of them, and found them to be interesting. 

Q: What are your favorite ballet videos?

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