Sunday, January 4, 2015

the Wraping Up of Christmas

{my older sister Rachel and I, era 2002}

Ahh. We made it though New Year's people. I'm don't have anything against the holidays, and frankly, it's always a little sad when December is over. But this year, it was kind of like a marathon. Exhausting. Totally exhausting. 
   Party after party. The Nutcracker that I wasn't able to dance in. Exams. Getting my wisdom teeth out so my face could look great for Christmas photos. Seriously people. I look like a over weight chipmunk in 97% of the pictures. And then, the never ending list of gifts to buy. Okay, question: what do you do when a loose friend gets you some nice gift? And you are like, totally unprepared, much less have a gift for them. Awkward. 

    But because my birthday is also in December, it is kind of the gift jackpot for me.
I got this sweater-

  My mom was on a fuzzy kick this year, which is great because fuzzy usually equals warm. And it has been feeling like the Arctic tundra lately. 

And you thought I was lying about the cheeks. 

So yeah. Now it's on the science fair panic and 25 page reports. The microscope has become part of  my room decor. And rubber gloves. Classy, I know.

    There you go friends- my after Christmas ramblings:-)
What about you? How was your December?



  1. You do not look like an overweight chipmunk, Elissa Weisz. No, don't even say that. You look adorable! And hahah I know that feeling with the friends and gifts... I didn't realize that everyone brings in Christmas gifts at Prisma... So I ended up on a mad sugar cookie baking rampage before the last class. :P At least they were still warm when I gave the cookies out! :)

    1. Aww, thanks girl! It was hard to talk, so when I was doing some shopping I forwarded every word that come out of my mouth with, "I am so sorry, but talking is kind of hard as I just got my wisdom teeth out". It was embarrassing. Hahahah, nice save friend!


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