Monday, January 19, 2015

Overwhelmed with Love

Yesterday, the internet blew up. I could tell who lived in Washington State by Facebook statuses. Screaming at the TV was pretty common during the football game between the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay.   Seattle was behind, and was getting whopped on. Then, in the last two minutes they scored two touchdowns, ting the game they eventually won.  It was amazing. If your sitting, reading like "Why the heck is Elissa writing about football for heavens sake" stay with me.

If your new to the blog, I don't really write football commentary's. I write about ballet and coffee. And God. But there was something that happened at the end of this game, I cried. I seriously cried over a football game. (Not like sob cry's, but like, a few tears slipping down my face cried)

The quarter back was crying and the end of the game, and when he was asked about it by the news, he said, "I am just so overwhelmed. God is so faithful........God is so good."

And that's when I cried  teared up.

You guys, even when we lose, God is faithful. Even when life sucks, God is still good. His character doesn't change with our circumstances. His love is the same at every single stinking moment of your life. He is SO GOOD. So faithful. He is our rock, and we will not be shaken.


  1. Gahh I was crying too! Russel is such an amazing man of God and I'm so glad he won, he deserves it :) That game was crazy though, and I had full pledge migraine from all mm screaming and jumping around afterwords hehe :P Super Bowl 49 here we come!

    With Love, Elizabeth

    1. I'm glad I wasn't alone! Yes! To bad he isn't younger...


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